VSP Global Spark Returns for Second Practice Makeover!

VSP GlobalSM Spark is back in action! The team just returned from Columbus, OH after successfully completing another practice makeover with a focus on technology. The webisode series is  designed to help you grow your business and ignite your success by making practical changes to your practice. Drs. Steven J. Curtis, Julie A. Curtis and J. Bradley Oatney of Riverview Eye Associates were the recipients of the second VSP Global Spark makeover. You can meet the doctors in the first webisode, available now at: vspglobal.com/spark.

As new webisodes unfold every few weeks, you can watch this practice say goodbye to paper and inefficiencies and hello to automation and simplicity. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed or download VSP Global Spark Resources for practical tips and techniques that you can implement in your practice.

VSP Global Spark webisode shows how a fresh coat of paint can help liven up your practice!

Are you keeping up with the latest webisodes of VSP Global Spark? Check out the second webisode and see how choosing a new color of paint for the inside of your practice can have a big impact and deliver a fresh look to your business. Eyefinity/OfficeMate President Steve Baker hosts the webisode series, and you can watch him and the entire makeover crew as they give a practice’s waiting room an update in the latest installment.

Be sure to visit www.vspglobal.com/spark over the coming weeks to see how this makeover was achieved in just 72 hours!

VSP Global Spark – Practice Makeover Webisodes Hosted by Eyefinity’s Steve Baker!

Looking for cost-effective ways to update your eyecare practice without breaking the bank? VSP Global can help! Designed to help ignite the success of private practices, VSP Global Spark shows how making a few small updates to your practice can deliver big results.

Visit http://www.vspglobal.com/spark to watch the first makeover webisode!

Hosted by Eyefinity’s President, Steve Baker, VSP Global Spark features a series of webisodes which explore a low-cost makeover completed in just 72 hours to increase profitability and success.

Visit www.vspglobal.com/spark to view the first webisode now and check back often to see new webisodes, makeover tips and tutorials.  Check out the trailer for VSP Global Spark below: