Why I Work in the Eyecare Industry

Michael O. is Sr. Technical Writer for Eyefinity/OfficeMate

Michael O. is Sr. Technical Writer for Eyefinity/OfficeMate

I love working in the eyecare industry because I am so deeply indebted to it.

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I have worn hard contact lenses since I was a month old. You see, I was born with cataracts, and after undergoing four corrective surgeries as an infant, I am now aphakic. For those of you who follow this blog but are not doctors, aphakia is the technical term for having the natural crystalline lenses in one’s eyes surgically removed. While contact lenses are still the standard method of optical correction, these days, a cataract patient’s natural lens may be surgically replaced by a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL) Thirty years ago, IOLs were far too risky and expensive, thereby making contact lenses my only option.

Many people take sight for granted. You have no idea how precious sight is until your contact lenses are accidentally thrown out on Christmas Eve, or you can’t drive because you dropped a contact down the drain. Work can be interrupted. Vacations can be ruined. The possibility of suddenly not being able to see, which probably doesn’t occur to many people, keeps me on my toes.

The miracles of modern medicine and advances in eyecare have afforded me the opportunity to live a normal life. Of course, normal to me involves cleaning and securely storing my contact lenses every night and fussing with reading glasses everywhere I go. These are small prices to pay, however, considering that in past eras, my sight couldn’t have been saved at all.

It pleases me to write documentation for a company that supports what I would consider to be a noble industry, and I am proud to work with optometrists and ophthalmologists who have helped improve the daily lives of millions of people like me.

Think About Your Eyes Coalition Launches Awareness Ads

Have you seen any of the Think About Your Eyes awareness ads yet? This following comes from our friends at the VSP blog:

Are you keeping healthy vision top of mind? Many Americans are conscientious about scheduling their dental care, visiting their dentist every six months. Others remember to change the oil in their car oil every 5,000 miles. Why should getting an annual eye exam be any different?

Today marks the beginning of a two-year public awareness campaign from the Think About Your Eyes Coalition, designed to help us all remember the importance of an annual eye exam. The Coalition, formed in March by Essilor, Luxottica and VSP Global, launched the first of its television and radio advertisements throughout the country to help raise awareness of how eye exams not only protect your sight, but also deliver preventative health benefits like early detection of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The advertisements (see the TV ad below) focus on a variety of eye health issues, and urge viewers to visit http://www.thinkaboutyoureyes.com for more information on healthy vision, as well as a tool to locate a local eyecare professional and schedule their annual eye exam.

You can also connect with Think About Your Eyes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The Coalition will be putting on some exciting awareness events in the coming months, so be sure to check the social media channels to see what’s coming up. Help us spread this important message and remind your friends and family to schedule their annual eye exam today!

A look at the first day of Vision Expo East

Are you in New York City for Vision Expo East? If so, be sure to stop by our booth(#2336) to get a preview of OfficeMate and ExamWRITER v9.0!

For all of you who may not have made it out to Vision Expo East, here are some pictures of our booth and the activity from the expo’s first day.  Stay tuned for more updates from the show!

Expo attendees at the booth theater, learning how to benefit from the HITECH Act through the use of OfficeMate and ExamWRITER EMRs.

(L) Dr. David Dexter, (C) Dr. Tim Jankowski (VSP Global Board Chairman), and (R)Dr. Lorie Lippiatt, a member of the Eyefinity/OfficeMate Alpha team visit in the booth.

(L) Dr. David Dexter, (C) Dr. Tim Jankowski (VSP Global Board Chairman), and (R) Dr. Lorie Lippiatt, a member of the Eyefinity/OfficeMate Alpha Team, visit in the booth.

Dr. Ryan Wineinger, a member of the Eyefinity/OfficeMate Alpha Team, talks to expo attendees about his experience with OfficeMate and ExamWRITER EMRs.

Bionic Eye Technology Helping The Blind

Hat tip to our friends at the VSP blog who shared this amazing story of a blind woman benefitting from bionic eye technology.

Click on the picture to watch the CNN story and read more.

You can also read more about this amazing technology here on our blog.

Bionic Eye Technology

An interesting find from our friend Vernon over at VSP’s blog


The device receives wireless data from the camera which it then translates into electronic signals that are sent to the brain, restoring sight. (photo and caption courtesy of NPR)

Technology. Love it or hate it – it continues to shape and change the world. Second Sight Medical Products – a company based in Sylmar, CA, is in the process of harnessing technology to help those with macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa. On their workbench, a bionic eye.

Click here to read Vernon’s full blog.

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