Are you selling sunwear throughout the year? Here are 5 tips to help to help you sell it year round

Everyone needs sunwear—children, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and contact lens wearers. But do your patients know that?

Check out 5 quick tips to help you sell sunwear year round, not just during the sunny months.

  1. Know your patients. Ask about hobbies and interests. You may uncover a sunwear need.
  2. Encourage prescription sunwear. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts need prescription sunwear to achieve optimal performance. Get the latest from Maui Jim, Oakley, Rudy Project, and Smith Optics through eBuy now. Take advantage of the Rx validation through eBuy, which guarantees the lens fits the frame, for faster turnaround.
  3. Mention polarized lenses. Show your patients how they eliminate glare and block harmful UV rays.
  4. Keep sunwear on your board. Offer a selection of the latest frames at all times.
  5. Offer specials and promotions. If you advertise sunwear, patients will inquire.

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Custom Fit Sunwear Can Set Your Practice Apart

Today’s entry comes from Kirk Poole, Field Services Manager for Eyefinity:

One thing that sets a private practice setting apart from other sunwear sales channels is the ability to obtain a custom fit. Custom fitting is not just for a user’s primary pair—custom-fitting can make the sunglass wearer feel better about their purchase, whether it is plano or prescription sunwear.

Your staff should become familiar with the adjustment standards in the industry. There are steps to achieving a custom fit: basic adjustment (the “four point touch”), nose pads, temple placement, bridge fit, frame angle, pantoscopic angle, retroscopic angle, face form/wrap, and vertex distance.

Your staff should be well versed in performing all of these steps. Incorporating training and executing service in these areas into your practice is key to attracting repeat customers—especially when it comes to sunwear.

With summer on its way, the savvy optometric practice will prepare by stocking an adequate percentage of sunwear in its dispensary. What is “adequate?” Depending on the climate in your geographic region, an adequate percentage of sunwear is approximately 20%. Sunwear can be marketed to all patients, but a key demographic is the contact lens wearer, who is in need of UV protection on top  of the vision correction provided by their contacts.

Additionally, it is recommended that you run a price-point promotion on sunwear for contact lens wearers during the summer months.

Another idea for promoting sunwear during the summer is to pick a “Sunwear Awareness” week in the office, and have all staff wear their sunglasses. Signage, balloons, and custom pins are a great way to draw awareness to the importance of UV protection, making sunwear top of mind for both your staff and customers. Be sure to measure your multiple-pair sales metrics during that time period to track the effectiveness of this campaign.

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