Looking for a simple digital lens solution? Try UNITY Performance Optics

There is no disputing that digital lens technology offers patients the ultimate in customized eyewear, tailored for their unique visual needs and lifestyle.  Some eyecare professionals have found digital lens or “free form” lens technology to be difficult to dispense, but now there a simple solution available: UNITY® Performance Optics.

VSP Optics Group originally launched UNITY Performance Optics in March of 2011, and beginning today, they are expanding the portfolio with the introduction of premium digital progressive and single vision, wrap and computer vision lenses.  The new products give eyecare professionals even more choice in digital products that are easy to dispense, offering the latest technology and value without compromise.

Using advanced lens design and state-of-the-art processing technology, UNITY lenses  deliver quick adaption and high patient satisfaction. That satisfaction is a result of an unmatched quality verification process in which every UNITY lens produced is digitally mapped to ensure the lens design produced matches exactly what the doctor and laboratory intended.

The new products include:  UNITY PLxtra is a VSP “O” category digital progressive lens in five fixed fitting heights from 12mm to 20mm with position-of-wear design customization.

UNITY PLxtreme is the UNITY progressive lens solution for wrap frames.

UNITY SVxtra is a customized, digital single vision lens solution compensating for the patient’s individual position-of-wear measurements.

UNITY SVxtreme is the ideal single vision performance lens choice for patients with high wrap frames.

UNITY CVx is the perfect solution for patients that spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone, as they offer optimal vision and comfort in the near and intermediate viewing area. They are the perfect match for patients with jobs or hobbies that utilize high levels of near and intermediate vision. CVx lenses are also simple to dispense and only require the patient’s distance prescription and reading addition power.

UNITY PLxtra, PLxtreme, SVxtra and SVxtreme all offer position-of-wear precision, delivering a customized prescription that gives patients even greater personalization and visual clarity by compensating for frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt, and back-vertex distance.

Watch the video below to learn more about UNITY lenses and what ECPs are saying about them.

UNITY products are available to all eyecare professionals and patients (including ordering through Eyefinity) and UNITY lenses are available in virtually all materials.  Additionally, VSP practices can maximize their revenue and receive up to $25 in UNITY Savings on each qualifying VSP claim. Designed to support VSP practices, the UNITY Savings program lets VSP providers exclusively receive $10 for each UNITY progressive lens dispensed to a VSP patient. They can then earn an additional $10 for adding UNITY Performance Coatings and another $5 for adding Transitions.

Learn more about the benefits of dispensing UNITY and how to maximize your revenue at the brand new VSP Optics Group web site.

Eyewear Promotions Aims to Strengthen Your Practice

Today’s entry comes from Kirk Poole, Practice Management Specialist for Eyefinity/OfficeMate:

Looking for ways to increase your web presence?  Is your practice not showing up in online searches, or could it use a boost to get into the top listings?  Eyefinity/Officemate has the tool to help you: EyewearPromotions.com!

EyewearPromotions.com is a new consumer-facing web site that gives private practice the tools to compete with retail.  It starts with a heavy advertising campaign utilizing Google and Yahoo sponsored search that drives consumers to the web site, which offers them great deals on designer frames, sunwear, premium lenses, contacts, and more. To take advantage of these offers, consumers can locate a local participating provider through a zip code search tool on EyewearPromotions.com. It even links out to your eWeb Extra site, and the consumer sees that same appealing promotions, which are automatically updated and added to your practice’s site.

You can also download the signage and display it in your practice to increase sales to your existing patients.  This will help ensure consistency and continuity of the promotion both online and in your practice.

Because your eWeb Extra site is connected with EyewearPromotions.com, your site’s status raises with search engine optimization.  Your web site traffic will increase, and more patients will discover the value that your practice can offer them.  Did you know that 42% of consumers looking for an optometrist last year found them on the internet? With statistics like that, doesn’t it make sense to make your presence on the web the best it can be? With eWeb Extra and EyewearPromotions.com, you can’t miss.

For more information, please email or call us at: Eyefinity-InsideSales@eyefinityofficemate.com or 877-448-0707.