Wouldn’t It Be Great if “What if” Could Be “You Can?” Well, It’s about to Happen!

What if technology could make your practice more efficient? What if more time could make you more money? What if technology could make you truly mobile? What if technology could learn how you like to diagnose? What if technology could help you create a better patient experience?

Wouldn’t it be great if “what if” could be “YOU CAN?” Well it’s about to happen.

Coming this summer, Eyefinity will introduce a cutting-edge EHR system that works the way YOU practice medicine. Coupled with the robust OfficeMate Practice Management system, no other system compares for increased revenue and enhanced patient care.

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What Are Patients Saying about Your Practice?

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It’s far easier to keep an existing patient coming back to your practice than it is to attract new patients. Additionally, your existing patients can be your best method of marketing your services to new patients through word of mouth or through ratings on such web sites as Yelp and Google Maps. People are relying more and more on user ratings, and recommendations through their social networks to find eyecare and other service providers.

When a patient leaves your office, do you know what she’s going to say to others about your practice?

If you answered “No” or “I think so,” you need eyecareScore from focalCenter. As one of our latest OfficeMate Certified Partners, focalCenter gives you the tools you need to measure patient experience and satisfaction and translate those measurements into actionable steps to improve your practice’s results.

The qualities that set eyecareScore apart from other customer rating services are twofold:

  • As an eyecare-focused company, focalCenter measures the aspects of your practice that are specific to your industry and the aspects that are most important to you.
  • They take a scientific, evidence-based approach to surveying patients, measuring feedback, and setting benchmarks.

focalCenter Measure ItAdditionally, eyecareScore gives you insight into your progress over time, you can see how changes you make in your practice reflect on the patient experience. Plus you can compare your results to those of your peers. Also, focalCenter has tools to facilitate your reviews on social media and ratings web sites.  If you’d like to see how eyecareScore works, you can sign up for a free trial.

Next to OfficeMate, eyecareScore is your most valuable reporting tool. For more information about eyecareScore, visit the OfficeMate Certified Partners page.

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Growing Your Practice: Price-Point Promotions

Today’s entry comes from Kirk Poole, Field Services Manager for Eyefinity.

You see them everywhere—in  newspapers, TV commercials, and direct mail. The major retail chains offer price-point promotions almost constantly—“two pairs for 69.99,” “buy one, get the second pair free.” These types of promotions are employed so frequently because they work! Consumer trends have changed—the eyewear consumer is now driven by price and quality—and price-point promotions are a key tool for increasing sales at any dispensary. Promotions compel a purchase to be made now, and they are key for driving patients into your independent eyecare practice rather than the nearest retail chain.


Use eyewearpromotions.com to help you promote, design, advertise, and distribute your promotions.

But how, you may ask, can I create compelling price-point promotions? After all, you don’t have access to the same marketing budgets as the major retailers. How can you know which promotions are most attractive to consumers? To establish which promotions make the most sense for you, take a look at what your retail competitors are doing and try to stay within the same price ranges. Also, it’s very important that you keep in mind the disclaimers you want to put on the promotions. For example, you probably don’t want the customer to be able to combine a promotion with their insurance benefits or other discounts.

A second challenge an independent eyecare professional will need to overcome is how to get the word out about your promotions. You can do so by printing fliers for distribution in your local area or by displaying them on your Web site.  You can also enlist the help of eyewearpromotions.com. This unique offering provides your practice with all of the promotion design, messaging, advertising, and distribution.  Eyewearpromotions.com even pushes out the promotions to your eWeb Extra Web site automatically.

For more tips on how to grow your practice, visit www.eyefinityofficemate.biz.

Kirk Poole is the manager of field services for Eyefinity. He has worked in the optical business for over 30 years. He holds a degree in ophthalmic optics and is accredited by the ABO as a charter-certified optician. Kirk has managed single to multiunit locations in multiple states and achieved positive results at a national retail level for over 10 years.  He also served as a national trainer for new regional sales managers.

That thing the kids are talking about these days… It could help bring your practice patients and additional revenue.

You’ve probably heard about one of these social networking websites in the media: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace. Those are just three of dozens of social networking and information sharing websites on the Internet today.  So, should you and your practice “plug in” to these social networks?

This is a great time for optometric practices to ride the wave of social networking.  Joining most social networks is free, and provides you exposure to thousands of people in your local community and beyond.  In essence, you can begin to market your practice and its services online – via social networking – for no cost.  Beyond marketing, it’s important to communicate the value you and your practice provide through your services and in the community.  So, how do you communicate value using this type of technology?

Practices can use social networking to announce new frame lines or the importance of lens technologies. Have you added Emilio Pucci or Fendi to your frame collection?  This would be a great opportunity to post a “tweet” on Twitter.  Or, educate your patients and potential new customers on the importance of UV protection and children’s eyewear via Facebook.  These are just a few examples to help promote your practice on social networking.

Social networking will bring you patients and referrals with little to moderate effort.  If you’re looking to get started with social networking, I highly recommend this guide I found from Transitions that shows you how to get your practice on Facebook.

Is your practice already immersed in the social networking world? Leave us a comment and share advice or tips for those looking to dip their toe into the water.

Good luck and happy Social Networking!