Bionic Eye Technology Helping The Blind

Hat tip to our friends at the VSP blog who shared this amazing story of a blind woman benefitting from bionic eye technology.

Click on the picture to watch the CNN story and read more.

You can also read more about this amazing technology here on our blog.

Bionic Eye Technology

An interesting find from our friend Vernon over at VSP’s blog


The device receives wireless data from the camera which it then translates into electronic signals that are sent to the brain, restoring sight. (photo and caption courtesy of NPR)

Technology. Love it or hate it – it continues to shape and change the world. Second Sight Medical Products – a company based in Sylmar, CA, is in the process of harnessing technology to help those with macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa. On their workbench, a bionic eye.

Click here to read Vernon’s full blog.

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