How will an eStore keep your patients in your practice?

Since 2007, there has been a 650% increase in adults buying their eyewear online in the United States. Many of those consumers buying eyewear on the internet are probably your patients. As an independent eyecare professional in a changing market, what are you doing to compete with this expanding group of online optical retailers?

Leonard Hampton, OD

Many independent eyecare professionals have already opened their own eStore, including Dr. Leonard Hampton, who has practiced optometry for 29 years at Memphis Family Vision in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dr. Hampton recently sat down with us to discuss his recent decision to open an eStore. Initially apprehensive and skeptical, everything changed when he learned that an eStore could keep patients in his practice and money in his pocket.

Q: What methods do you use to market your practice?

A: We’ve used traditional marketing techniques, such as give-aways, trunk shows, and other events. We recently tested the social media waters with Facebook and Twitter, and have more than 500 Facebook “Likes” and more than 20 Twitter followers. I’m not a “Facebooker,” but I recognize the value of having an online presence where so many people today connect and shop.

Q: Why did you consider opening an eStore?

A: Patients were walking out the door with their prescriptions and buying contacts and eyewear elsewhere, and we didn’t have a solution. We’d heard about eStores, but to be honest, I’m “old school” and it felt weird even thinking about having an online store!

Q: What steps did you take to learn more about eStores?

A: A trip to SECO in March changed everything. The turning point for me was learning from an eStores representative how an eStore could address our problem, how easy it was to set up, and that it was free because I already had an eWebExtra site.

Q: Can you describe your experience setting up your eStore?

A: It was fast and the easiest thing we’ve done in a long time—truly a no-brainer! Eyefinity did a great job helping us set it up and showing us how it worked. We started receiving contact lens orders immediately. Also, the prescription validation process is easy and straightforward.

Q: How are you marketing your eStore?

A: There’s an eStore link on our eWebExtra site and we advertise it on our business cards. Now, when patients ask for their prescription, I let them know they can buy online from our eStore. It’s not a high-pressure sale—we’re just letting them know they have a new option.

Q: Are the opticians in your dispensary directing patients to your eStore to see more frame options?

A: Yes, and if patients don’t find what they need, we ask them to come back for more help.

Q: What would you tell your peers about your experience offering patients online options to connect with your practice?

A: Having an eWebExtra site is phenomenal. It’s one convenient place for patients to download forms, link to Facebook and Twitter, and shop using our eStore.

# # #

If you’re an eWebExtra customer, opening your eStore is free, fast, and easy. Get started now, and you can be open for online business in less than 30 minutes.*

If you’re not an eWebExtra customer, sign up now so you can reap the rewards like Dr. Hampton. Questions? Contact an eStores customer support expert at 855.393.2664.

*eStores are exclusive to VSP® practices at this time. 

The Eyefinity Booth Packs More of a Punch at Trade Shows

Live Chat

The new Live Chat feature in our booth enables attendees with support questions to speak directly to customer care representatives in hi-def video.

SECO International started today in Atlanta, Georgia, and it kicks off a plethora of eyecare trade shows and conferences. While the schedule is aggressive at times, this presents many opportunities for you to visit our booth in the coming weeks and see what’s new with Eyefinity products.

Stop by and see us at any (or all) of the following events:

The Eyefinity booth now features “ask the expert” video chat workstations. These workstations enable you to ask technical and troubleshooting questions by speaking to a customer care representative through high-definition video conferencing systems. This will help ensure that the correct troubleshooting advice is given, appropriate follow up action is taken, or a support call is made to your office to relay the support information.

Additionally, our theater has been upgraded with a 60” screen and directional speakers so no one in the audience will miss a thing. There are a variety of presentations in the theater. Pick up a schedule for times and topics.

Finally, we’ll be handing out USB drives that contain information about our products and services. We’ll still have paper brochures, but the USB drives are much more convenient for you to carry as you move through the exhibit hall and travel.

There are many things to do at the Eyefinity booth. Whether you’re currently an OfficeMate/ExamWRITER user or a soon-to-be user, you can see the latest version in action. You can learn more about how eStores by Eyeconic can generate revenue for your practice. Learn how eyeVantage can help your practice with advanced reporting, benchmarking, and training tools. You can also attend theater presentations on meaningful use or on leveraging Eyefinity products and services to work more efficiently. With so much to see and do, it’s not uncommon for someone to return several times or spend a few hours in our booth.

Introducing our new brand: Eyefinity

Steve Baker - Preisdent of Eyefinity

Do you like to golf? Maybe you are one of the 28.6 million Americans that love to hit a little white ball – hopefully straight. The Ryder Cup is the premier event in golf, staging the very best that Great Britain and America have to offer.  It’s the blending of two great brands, Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA.  Interestingly, these two venerable organizations recently announced a new unified brand and logo. Now rebranded as the “Ryder Cup,” the new look will unify the brand and strengthen the alliance between the two organizing bodies of the world’s most famous team golf competition.

In the optical world, we also have two great venerable brands in Eyefinity and OfficeMate.  Both brands represent a long-standing tradition of great customer service and products that unite the optical industry, all backed by the most passionate people in the industry.

Today we announce our new brand, titled simply “Eyefinity.” All the great products that you are familiar with will continue under our now unified brand. Eyefinity is the only company in the market to provide a collective offering of Web-based and desktop solutions.

We have been serving you for over 25 years, and we will continue to support your eyecare business well into the future. We never sit still, and this year will be no different.  Stay tuned for some exciting surprises as we continue to raise the bar with innovative new products designed to help your eyecare business thrive.

Eyefinity. Same great products. One great name. Infinite possibilities.

Attending SECO 2011 this week? Stop by our booth and see us! (booth #513)