What’s Your Calling? – Forward Together


by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

When my youngest daughter Annie was four years old, we were vacationing in Hawaii enjoying the beach and the quiet pace of life. One night as we were getting ready to go out for dinner, I asked Annie, “Where are your shoes?”  She innocently recalled that the last time she’d seen them was three or four days earlier. Isn’t that what vacation is all about? That moment has been an anchor for me for many years – a reminder to live in the now. It applies in my work life as well. Maybe you have a similar story.  Continue reading

Connective Tissue – Forward Together

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by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

My Vice President of Marketing quips that she sees herself as the connective tissue within the organization, citing that she needs to know a bit of everything to craft messages that fit like a glove. It’s a bit of crazy perspective, but when I think on it, she’s right. Continue reading

Care Uncompromised – Forward Together

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by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

I want to personally share with you the next video in our #ForwardTogether video series featuring Dr. Masoud Nafey. I am proud to have Dr. Nafey on the Eyefinity team. We are so fortunate as a company to work alongside several doctors who drive our software forward together. Dr. Nafey has an inspiring story to share about his path to Optometry and the importance of making personal connections with patients. I am humbled to call him a colleague and friend.


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Grit – Forward Together


by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

The word “grit” has been on my mind a lot lately. I recently rode my fifth “Death Ride,” a 129-mile cycling event in the California Alps. The course covers five mountain passes and boasts 15,000 plus feet of lung-busting climbing. Don’t ask me why I do this. The adrenaline, perhaps? Or maybe that incredible feeling of pushing myself and accomplishing my goal. Continue reading

Eyefinity EHR: Check


by April Jasper, ODDr_Jasper_short

I made it!

Hello from the other side. I am happy to report that all is going great with our implementation of Eyefinity EHR. I was never really worried about it, but I did have first day jitters. The nervousness is really more of a mind game than anything else. It is funny how you are either excited to get started or nervous about the unknown. We always try to keep a positive perspective, as it changes the outcome and outlook of the day for the better. Continue reading

Forward Together


by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

In the optometric industry, one does not have to look far to realize that eye care professionals have many traits in common. Three that come to mind are “Passion,” “Commitment,” and “Grit.”

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How to Decide When to Get Started With EHR

When to start with EHR

by April Jasper, OD

Dr_Jasper_shortAt some point, we have all asked or will ask ourselves, “is there ever a good time to implement a new EHR?” The truthful answer is: it depends. I recommend that new practices start from the beginning with an EHR as the extra features make it a no-brainer. Patients can be taught from the start to engage with the patient portal and create good habits with practice staff.

What if you are an established practice? When should you begin? Plan for two to three months of training and be able to enter 50 charts in the sandbox before you go live. To make this process easier, create time in your day — even just half an hour — to practice and do the same for your staff. Your office manager can help keep your team on track and should try to keep the owner and doctors on track too.

While it’s difficult to put down the phone and stop checking email, leave that one opening in your schedule to give yourself time to learn. I will always have another conference, event, or patient to attend to. So, my strategy is to schedule time for things I intend to accomplish or I will not get them done. Whatever your strategy is, you must commit to it; when you make that commitment, you will find that the “when” is no longer an issue.

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