Set SMART Goals to Achieve Success in Your Optometry Practice in 2019

Looking for ways to achieve success in your optometry practice in 2019? Eyefinity Education Director Rebecca Johnson recommends doctors and staff set SMART goals.

In a recent webinar conducted by Eyefinity Certified Partner Gateway Professional Network, Johnson stressed, “A goal without a plan is really just a dream.”

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Is Your Software Up-To-Date?

software updateMaintaining your car, home, appliances, and personal health is important to ensure optimal performance. Your software is no different! Are you protected from computer security risks? Is your technology allowing you to run a profitable business while delivering a great customer experience?

If you are using Eyefinity Practice Management or Eyefinity EHR, you don’t have to worry about software updates. Being “in the cloud” means Eyefinity maintains your software, ensuring that you are always using the most up-to-date version of your cloud-based software.

If you are using one of our on-premises solutions, like OfficeMate/ExamWRITER, then you need to download and install the newest software update, OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 12.0. This version will prepare you for ICD-10. It’s a great idea to download and install this version by July 2015, so that you are prepared for the government’s ICD-10 cut over well before the October 1, 2015, deadline.

Keeping up to date with software partner patches is also important. For Example, if you are using the ExamWRITER ePrescribing Interface, there is an update that needs to be installed by June 30, 2015. Partners like DrFirst, make changes to upgrade their functionality which can impact the eprescribing integration with ExamWRITER. Small patch updates only take a few minutes to download and run and are important in preventing interruptions in services you depend on.

We all agree that there are benefits to be gained from the 30K, 60K, and 100K mile car tune ups. Annual physical and optometric exams are something you recommend to your own patients. Don’t forget about the importance of maintaining your software, too!

3 Ways to Save on Accepting Credit Cards

How much are you really paying to accept credit cards? You might be surprised if you look at your statement closely.

There are several fees that can impact your costs for accepting credit cards:

  • Keyed In vs. Swiped Fees. The way you enter a credit card number into your payment system can impact the amount you pay.
  • Per-Transaction Fees. Are you paying more than 30¢ per transaction? If so, you may be paying too much.
  • Recurring Monthly Fees. Check out how much you’re paying in monthly or “hidden fees.” Think of these fees like the miscellaneous fees you pay when you refinance your mortgage. They can include statement, compliance, or processing fees, just to name a few. Each processor names their fees differently.

It can be hard to decipher your statement to see what you’re really paying to accept credit cards. Total Merchant Services (Total), an Eyefinity strategic partner, helps you understand your current pricing structure and shows you different ways to save money with a free statement analysis.

Exclusive Eyefinity Offer

Eyefinity has partnered with Total to provide eyecare practices with a trusted credit card processing company that has more than 17 years of experience processing credit card payments for small businesses and healthcare professionals. Plus, they make switching processors painless:

  • Safe. Total is HIPAA compliant, so you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality and protection of your patients’ personal information.
  • Simple. Complete a short one-page application and you could be up and running in 24 hours. Plus, Total has a 98% acceptance rate.
  • Affordable. No hidden fees. No contract. No leasing equipment. You’ll have a flat monthly rate of $7.50 with some of the lowest rates around.

Total provides Eyefinity customers with an exclusive offer:

  • Low rates with up to 15% savings on processing fees
    $100 off your first month’s statement
  • Free card swipe devices (terminal, computer, mobile)
  • Month-to-month agreement with no termination or hidden fees
  • Free statement analysis

See How Much You Can Save
Eyefinity customers are saving an average of $300 a month with Total. How much could you save? Find out at or call Total at 800.841.9813.

Total Merchant Service three ways to save

Annual Practice Benchmark: Running Your Year-end Reports

Review 2012 and Plan for 2013 with OfficeMate and eyeReports

The end of the year, means new year’s resolutions and reflections back to the previous year. To many of us, it also means tax season is approaching. This year, resolve to make tax season a planning time for your practice as well.

OfficeMate Year-end Reports
Eyefinity recommends that you run the following OfficeMate reports at the end of each year:

  • Production Report – Year-to-Year Comparison
    Run this report to see the production for the selected period and the year-to-date totals grouped by the financial or production report groups
  • Production Report – Period Comparison
    Run this report to compare your 2012 totals to your 2011 totals.
  • Inventory Custom Reports – Stock Status
    Run this report to see the net inventory valuation of the stock on hand if you’re maintaining perpetual inventory.
  • Aging Reports – Aged A/R Report 30-60-90-120+
    Run this report to see the end-of-year patient and insurance balances total due.
  • Sales Tax Register
    Run this report to calculate sales tax due.

Refer to our extensive knowledge base to see how to run these valuable reports.

Learn Even More about Your Practice with eyeReports
Seeing where you’ve been is great, but being able to project where you’re going is even better. eyeReports, an OfficeMate Certified Partner, helps you take an even deeper look into your practice. These additional reports are great for year-end reporting and for planning for 2013. With eyeReports, you can track various aspects of your practice’s performance:

  • Year-to-year comparisons of production groups, procedure codes, and products sold.
  • Practice metrics and key performance indicators to compare with the Management and Business Advisory National Averages.
  • Insurance profitability, amounts not collected, and written off by each insurance carrier. Determine which carriers it makes sense to continue to accept.
  • Frame and lens gross profits.
  • Comparative dispenser sales. Identify your staff superstars.
  • Comparative collections generated by primary diagnosis code, CPT codes, and financial and production groups.
  • Gross profits by frames sold, board turns, and many other frame categories.
  • Patient sources, how many, and what fees are associated with those patients.
  • Patients who do not have future recall dates.
  • Past ExamWRITER exams that have not been closed.

Schedule a personal demo to learn how eyeReports can help you see your practice in a whole new light.

Year-end reporting is never fun, but we all have to do it. Take this time to close your 2012 books and plan to make 2013 even brighter.

See Your Practice Like Never Before with eyeReports

Advanced Reporting Can Help Your Business Grow & Save Time and Money

OfficeMate users already enjoy a wide range of reporting options from the various tabs within the Reports and Statements window. Now, users of later versions of OfficeMate can benefit from a new generation of practice management reports and graphs from eyeReports, a new OfficeMate Certified Partner. These reports are designed to help practices mine through the data, identify trends, and realize financial success.

EyeReports leverages advanced features within Microsoft Excel to query the OfficeMate SQL database to give you enhanced financial analysis and practice metric reports and graphs. You’ll be able to see your practice results like never before and gain greater insights to help make intelligent business decisions.

“With the power of eyeReports,” Stephen Rosenbaum, CEO of eyeReports, explains,” eyecare professionals can look at their results in a whole new light. The valuable data needed to manage and grow practices are presented clearly and concisely in eyeReports, which helps eyecare professionals question, analyze, compare, and understand results to make informed strategic plans to grow their business.”

New reports are routinely added and included in the annual license fee, and you can request reports from the community of users. Are you a member of ODExcellence or other consulting groups? Ask if a report is available to gather the benchmarking data you need to regularly report to your group.

For more information about eyeReports or to request a personal demonstration, visit or call 760.689.2452.

What Are Patients Saying about Your Practice?

focalCenter Logo

It’s far easier to keep an existing patient coming back to your practice than it is to attract new patients. Additionally, your existing patients can be your best method of marketing your services to new patients through word of mouth or through ratings on such web sites as Yelp and Google Maps. People are relying more and more on user ratings, and recommendations through their social networks to find eyecare and other service providers.

When a patient leaves your office, do you know what she’s going to say to others about your practice?

If you answered “No” or “I think so,” you need eyecareScore from focalCenter. As one of our latest OfficeMate Certified Partners, focalCenter gives you the tools you need to measure patient experience and satisfaction and translate those measurements into actionable steps to improve your practice’s results.

The qualities that set eyecareScore apart from other customer rating services are twofold:

  • As an eyecare-focused company, focalCenter measures the aspects of your practice that are specific to your industry and the aspects that are most important to you.
  • They take a scientific, evidence-based approach to surveying patients, measuring feedback, and setting benchmarks.

focalCenter Measure ItAdditionally, eyecareScore gives you insight into your progress over time, you can see how changes you make in your practice reflect on the patient experience. Plus you can compare your results to those of your peers. Also, focalCenter has tools to facilitate your reviews on social media and ratings web sites.  If you’d like to see how eyecareScore works, you can sign up for a free trial.

Next to OfficeMate, eyecareScore is your most valuable reporting tool. For more information about eyecareScore, visit the OfficeMate Certified Partners page.

Are you attending Vision Expo East? Come by the Eyefinity booth (1857) and learn more about focalCenter.

Demandforce now integrates with OfficeMate!

Attention OfficeMate users: Demandforce, Inc., a leader in online marketing and communication, and Eyefinity have announced a strategic relationship that allows users of OfficeMate practice management software to seamlessly integrate with the Demandforce D3 application.

What’s in it for your practice?

With Demandforce, OfficeMate users will be able to automate appointment scheduling and confirmations using email and text messaging, improve their online reputation on Internet sites including Google, Facebook and CitySearch and get more patients in the door with customized promotions, newsletters and more. Additionally, Demandforce automatically tracks results and revenue from all communications and online marketing efforts to provide real-time visibility into the success of the practice.

Proven results!

OfficeMate practices already using Demandforce have seen overwhelming value. To date, OfficeMate users have generated over 26,000 online client reviews and scheduled over 6,500 lost client visits. Individually, these practices have generated an average of 42 client reviews and reactivated 11 lost client visits per month.

“As an OfficeMate user for 14 years, we are huge fans of how seamlessly it integrates with Demandforce,” said Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D., F.A.A.O. “It allows my office staff to focus on growing our business by using automated marketing tools and offering superior customer service instead of learning a new software system.”

Want to know more about how it works? Check out the video below

Eyefinity customers interested in more information on Demandforce can call 1-800-210-0355, email or visit:

Refresh Your No-Glare Knowledge

Essilor of America® has created a fun and interactive training program to help you refresh your knowledge of the many benefits No-Glare lenses can offer.

In just half an hour, you will be reminded of how No-Glare lenses can benefit both children and adults in their daily lives.  The site features eight short training videos for ECPs featuring real-life situations such as: driving at night, children at school and other day to day activities.

To learn more about how No-Glare lenses can benefit your patients in real-life situations, visit No-Glare lenses such as Crizal® and SharpView® are currently available at

Looking for a hosting solution for OfficeMate/ExamWRITER? Meet our newest certified partner, iManaged Solutions!

Many clients have asked if there is a way to avoid investing in servers and hardware as they prepare to use OfficeMate/ExamWRITER version 10 and 10.5.  For those of you who are interested in a hosting solution, meet iManaged Solutions—Eyefinity’s newest “Certified Partner.”

The advantage of this service is that they manage your program and data from their secure data centers.  This means that you do not need to purchase a server for your office and can let the hosting service manage your programs for you.  Your data is backed up automatically, your costs for IT server support are eliminated and time and expense associated with upgrades is completely eliminated.

With iManaged Solution’s hosted offering, OfficeMate and ExamWRITER will be compatible with multiple operating systems and devices such as the iPad® and Android™ tablets.  Office data is backed up twice daily and resides in multiple secure data centers for added protection.  As an Eyefinity Certified Partner, you can work them with confidence.  Contact them directly for pricing and additional details: