Four Ways to Leverage Technology to Care for Patients with Diabetes

The rise of diabetes and prediabetes can’t be ignored. With a clear connection to vision, encouraging those living with diabetes or prediabetes to get their annual vision exam is crucial for preventing or delaying vision loss due to the condition. 

Here are four ways you can leverage technology to further enhance patient care, especially when it comes to treating those with diabetes. 

Provider Communication Made Easy 

It can be tedious to manually type out visit summaries and set up faxes to send to your patient’s primary care provider. From the Eyefinity EHR iPad app you can securely send fax templates complete with a HIPAA cover sheet, the continuity of care document, and patient demographic information.  

Engage Patients at a New Level 

Show patients exactly what is happening with their eye health by presenting diagnostic imaging in a way they can understand. You won’t even need to manually attach files because tools like Eyefinity’s Image Management can deliver photos, scans, and more from your imaging devices right to your iPad.  

Patient Demographics at Your Fingertips 

Identifying patients who are at risk for diabetes and prediabetes is key to early detection and prevention. Leveraging the Analytics Dashboard makes it easy to access your patient database and generate reports with specific diagnoses, including diabetes. This information can then be used for personal reminders, marketing, and patient education.  

Annual Recalls – Just a Call (or Text) Away 

Check one more thing off your daily to-do list with Eyefinity’s Electronic Patient Notifications that automate appointment reminders so that you can ensure your patients with chronic conditions, like diabetes, receive an extra reminder for their annual vision exam.    

You and your practice are crucial in not only managing your patients’ eye health, but their overall health and well-being. We hope these tips were helpful and you’ll join us in raising awareness for American Diabetes Month.  

Interested in learning more about how Eyefinity’s cloud-based software can help you manage patient care? 

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