Four Tips to Keep Your Optometry Practice Agile 

They say the only constant is change. Well, that couldn’t be truer for the eyecare industry. In the past year alone, many practices have introduced telehealth, built up their web presence and more to navigate the pandemic, and ever-changing patient expectations. On top of constantly evolving regulations and new technology, it can be challenging to keep up with it all. That’s why we’ve complied the following tips to help you and your practice stay ahead of the curve:

Lead the Way 

While implementing new processes may leave your staff feeling uncertain, it’s important to lead the way and be a champion for change. By encouraging and supporting your staff with training and celebrating success (no matter how small), you’ll be able to implement a culture of change in your practice. This will also help in getting buy in from your staff, so they get used to the idea of changing things up for the sole purpose of improvement.  

Embrace New Technology 

Leveraging modern technology can save your practice time and money. Today, optometry practices, optical shops and ophthalmologists who are leveraging modern cloud-based technology have a significant advantage when it comes to adapting to change.   

With unlimited cloud data storage, built-in back-ups, and automatic security and regulatory updates, practices leveraging solutions like Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR are easily able to prepare their practice for whatever comes next.  

Keep Your Eye on the Prize  

 To stay on top of trends, you must keep moving and improving. Start by building momentum and generating excitement around new processes. Technology like Eyefinity’s cloud-based software allows you to keep your practice connected by centralizing data, automating day-to-day tasks, and streamlining operations, so you can focus on larger business goals. This will ultimately help you increase productivity and collaboration among your staff. 

Flexibility is Key 

There is power in the ability to pivot. You may try something, and it’s a massive success, or it could flop. However, being open to learn from your mistakes and trying new things can help your practice stay agile. Technology can also play a key role in how flexible you are. Can you securely access patient data from home, or are you stuck at the office? Having the ability to care for patients on the go can be a game changer but requires reliable cloud-based technology. 

The reality is change happens whether we are ready or not. At Eyefinity we understand change can be unexpected, challenging, but also so worth it.  

Discover how Eyefinity’s cloud-based software can keep your practice agile. 

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