For This Optometrist, Eyefinity Software Made All the Difference

How long is it supposed to take to feel comfortable using optometric practice technology? That was the question Dr. Magdalena Saint-Louis was grappling with since opening her practice in 2018. Dr. Saint-Louis has been an optometrist for over 10 years in South Florida. However, when she opened her own private practice, Real Vision Center, she did not anticipate an 18-month long learning curve with software she thought at the time was the “right” fit for her practice.

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In June 2020, Dr. Saint-Louis decided it was time to make a change and began the transition from her original cloud system to Eyefinity’s cloud-based software. Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR are designed to help optometrists grow their business, save time, and increase revenue, which Dr. Saint-Louis has experienced firsthand.

Dr. Saint-Louis said, “I wish I’d know about Eyefinity’s cloud-based software earlier because I would’ve opened my practice with it from the beginning!”

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