How to Use Data to Grow Your Optometric Practice

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Data holds the power to help your practice succeed. It’s the numbers that provide essential information to help you make informed decisions and drive revenue. In the data-driven world we live in, it’s no surprise that analytics play a vital role in the health of any business. Not only do analytics provide the necessary resources for making key decisions, but they provide important reference points to identify procedural gaps and areas to improve patient care.

Eyefinity EHR makes it easy to dive into your data with analytics capabilities built right into the software. While other reporting platforms only allow you to track a few basic metrics, Eyefinity EHR’s Analytics brings together clinical and operational data in interactive reports that will showcase opportunities to improve patient care and grow your practice.

See Your Biggest Supporters.
Referrals can play a key role in affecting your practice’s bottom line. Analyzing the volume of practice referrals is essential to cultivate and grow business relationships with other providers. It also serves as an indicator of which providers you may want to provide marketing materials and business cards to, or simply express your thanks!

Referring Providers

Analyze Patient Volume.
The success of any practice relies upon a steady stream of patients walking through the door. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or yearly, patient volume is one of the most fundamentally important metrics to analyze over time. It’s a key resource to identify gaps and look for opportunities to grow your business. Consider how your practice was operating this time last year: Has your patient volume increased or decreased? Perhaps your practice has a handful of different doctors—would you be able to measure their performance?

Analytics in Eyefinity EHR offers a simple way to track both patients and visits. If you’re looking to explore your data even further, there’s also the capability to view patient frequency of specific diagnoses, insurance plans, and more.

Dive into Patient Demographics.
Understanding the wants and needs of your patients is vital to the success of every practice. It allows you to focus marketing efforts and boost revenue, while increasing patient satisfaction—it’s a win-win. It’s important to consider the age ranges, genders, geographic locations, and other various factors that may influence potential patients to visit your practice. Additionally, these types of demographics can also influence your inventory and purchasing habits. For example, if your practice sees a high volume of pediatric patients, this may influence the frames you offer.

Patient Demographics

Advance Your Analytics.
If you’re ready to take your analytics to new heights, consider segmenting patient information by provider, insurance plan, or even medical condition to tailor to a specific need. Eyefinity EHR offers a multitude of ways to identify segments based off a variety of different patient demographics. Regularly assessing practice data and metrics is the key to making informed decisions about practice workflow, marketing communications, inventory, and more. With measurable information, it’s easy to gauge the health of both your patients and your practice!

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