Key VSP® Integrations That Will Boost Productivity in Your Optometric Practice

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With a new year on the horizon, now may be the perfect time to plan and make a commitment to achieve faster, more efficient workflows in your practice. To do this, consider your day-to-day tasks: Do you find yourself searching through files or clicking between different screens? Is there a way to eliminate these regular inefficiencies?

Have Your Practice Management Software Work for You.

It’s important to consider the key role practice management software can play in streamlining daily operations. It frees up valuable staff time, while enhancing your patient’s experience in your practice—it’s a win-win. With the ability to schedule appointments, capture patient information, generate reports, and more, practice management software makes day-to-day operations a breeze by letting the software do the work.

At Eyefinity®, we’re always thinking of ways to simplify workflow so practices can focus on what really matters—their patients. That’s why we’ve designed Eyefinity Practice Management to help practices achieve even their wildest workflow goals. As the only optometric software on the market with a direct connection to VSP, there are many tools to cut down on per-patient tasks and increase practice efficiency.

Save Time and Get Ahead with Bulk VSP Eligibilities and Authorizations.


“VSP bulk auths are amazing! One of my staff members pulled an entire day of VSP patient benefits, split for separate exam and materials, in about five minutes.” – Erin W., Office Manager

One at a time is a waste of time. With the Bulk VSP Eligibilities and Authorizations feature in Eyefinity Practice Management, staff members have the ability to pull not just one, but multiple VSP patient eligibilities and authorizations at a time. It’s one of the simplest ways practices are reducing time spent on per-patient tasks. With this feature, bulk VSP patient eligibilities and authorizations can be pulled up to an entire week in advance to streamline appointment preparation. It’s an essential tool to save time and get ahead, while allowing staff members to channel their focus on other important tasks.

Simplify the Ordering Process.

Eyefinity Practice Management is the only optometric software on the market that can automatically identify patients’ VSP insurance plans—no duplicate typing or screen-switching necessary! Imagine this: You (or your staff) are building eyeglass orders using a tablet—from anywhere in your practice. With just a few quick taps, you can quote out-of-pocket estimates for VSP patients, right before their eyes. In fact, Eyefinity Practice Management is the only practice management software with VSP patient out-of-pocket, doctor reimbursement calculation. Staff and patients know what to expect before an order is even placed. It’s a simple way to reduce any billing confusion down the line, all while ensuring patients are satisfied with their purchase.

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Post Payments in Hours (Not Days).

Practices can rely on a quick, simplified process for payment posting and reporting with Electronic Remittance Advice in Eyefinity Practice Management. As the only ERA that handles all payers, including VSP Vision Care, it boasts a centralized area to manage billing operations. Staff members have the ability to automatically reconcile insurance claims, make billing adjustments, and more—all without leaving the system. It’s an easy way to eliminate unnecessary data entry duplication and streamline overall billing workflow. Best of all, remittances are automatically downloaded into Eyefinity Practice Management every night, so practices can count on having a complete overview in the morning. It’s an essential tool to expedite the payment process entirely!

“We have seen a big improvement in our cash flow with the ability to send and receive our claims/ERAs with Eyefinity Practice Management and TriZetto/GatewayEDI.” – Anthony A. Sesto, O.D.

Equipped with a robust suite of efficiency-increasing integrations from VSP, Eyefinity Practice Management was designed with practices in mind. It’s no wonder Eyefinity has been chosen by the EyeVote Readers’ Choice Awards as the preferred practice management software company for eight straight years!

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