Celebrating the Critical Role of Certified Paraoptometrics

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At the heart of each optometry practice is the strength of its staff! For many, this means going the extra mile to provide the best patient care possible.

That’s why Eyefinity is excited to join the celebration for Paraoptometric Week! “An annual opportunity to recognize paraoptometrics for the value they contribute to the success of optometric practices,” according to the American Optometric Association, this week marks an opportunity to appreciate your staff who put in the extra hard work for your practice’s success.

Certified Paraoptometrics attain national recognition through certification by demonstrating an understanding of the concepts used in optometric care, passing an exam designed to challenge participants across a variety of topics including basic science, clinical principles and procedures, ophthalmic optics and dispensing, and professional issues. Equipped with the knowledge to exceed patient expectations, the value CPOs add to their practice is immeasurable.

How Your Practice Can Join the Party

Get Your Staff Excited – With a strong team, anything is possible! Host a team huddle to discuss the value of becoming certified, and how you can accomplish this together. Set aside time to set measurable goals for training and preparation leading up to the big exam date. The AOA offers resources including key dates, helpful tips, and more. Click here for more.

Celebrate Your Wins – Passing the CPO exam is no easy task, so it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating! Once the big exam date is over, plan a celebratory team event, such as an ice cream sundae bar or pizza party.

Thank Your CPOs – Whether it’s words of affirmation or a superstar “Wall of Fame,” your CPOs will appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge their hard work. Other simple gestures, such as a celebratory cupcake or balloon may seem small, but will go a long way in showing staff your appreciation for the value they add to the practice.

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CPOs at Eyefinity

During Paraoptometric Week, Eyefinity takes the time to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond to excel in the eye care industry. As of this week, a total of 91 Eyefinity employees obtained their CPO certification.

“Being certified helps us understand how all the pieces of a practice link together,” said Eyefinity’s Director of Education Rebecca Johnson, who has helped train dozens of Eyefinity employees across a variety of divisions as CPOs.

Celebrate With Us!

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