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When buying a car, should you have to prioritize between initial price and the warranty? You want both, right? Similarly, when you decide on software for your optometric practice, you want great value and amazing support to make the purchase worthwhile for your long-term practice success.

At Eyefinity®, we make sure you receive the service and the software that best positions your practice for success. We do this in several ways.

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Community: When you purchase an Eyefinity product, we connect you with other Eyefinity software users on the same product as you for shared insights and learning. Access to this community is available online and in-person.

  • Online: You have access to dedicated Facebook Groups based on Eyefinity products, where questions and insights are shared. For example, if you have a question on how to post an exam in Eyefinity EHR, you can ask your question in the Eyefinity EHR Facebook group to get feedback from other doctors’ offices across the country.
  • In-person: Attend an in-person Eyefinity Education Conference based on your software learning needs. For example, you can attend a one-day Basecamp conference to get up to speed with the basics of your new software or attend a Peak conference later in your journey for a deeper dive on specific functionality.

“In my opinion, coming to an [Eyefinity Education] conference gives you more hands-on time to learn all about the ins and outs of the software that you are working with,” said Rachel McGee, OD of Advanced Vision Care of Victoria, following her attendance at a recent Vista Education Conference.

In-person conferences provide education, as well as networking opportunities. This ability to develop face-to-face peer connections expands your network and offers more insight into current eyecare trends and issues.

Ongoing Support: We know technology can be intimidating. We make your implementation and ongoing success our priority through product consulting, onboarding service, and ongoing live support.

  • Product Consultation: Choosing the right software is an investment toward your success. Our Account Executives consult with you to determine the best software options for your practice.
  • Onboarding: When implementation is done right, it significantly enhances your practice success. We carefully craft your onboarding to help you integrate with new software smoothly.

Whether it is training existing staff members, determining new workflows, or making sure your current processes transfer to the new system correctly, we’ve got you covered.

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We begin with a discovery session to determine your practice needs. Next, we design the best implementation guide for your staff, and then create an education plan dedicated to your unique practice requirements. This sequence ensures you are positioned for an easier transition to your new software.

  • Ongoing Live Support: Once your practice is fully operational on the new product, we continue to offer ongoing support with dedicated customer care. In fact, for our cloud products, Eyefinity® EHR and Eyefinity® Practice Management, we assign a Customer Success Manager to your practice to further support you in mastering the software.
  • In-Product Help: Need answers to daily workflow questions? We make getting timely answers to your questions easy with our in-product help system. Built with extensive video resources and step-by-step instructions, this real-time help ensures you can move through workflows effectively, saving you time and hassle.

Eyefinity partners with you in your practice success—not just on the day of purchase but all the way through your practice journey. We know that you are “buying” into the company as well as the software, and that the service you receive is critical to your success.

Want to learn more? Visit or call our Account Executives at 800.269.3666, option 2 to  determine how we can partner with you for your practice success.


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