Add S’more Automation to Your Practice with ERA

I’m an avid camper. I love the peacefulness of sitting out by the lake, reading a book, and spending time with my family. However, I think most frequent campers can agree that setting up your campsite is time consuming. It takes a while to clear the site, put up my tent, organize food, and set up the kitchen area. I often wish the campsite setup could be an automated process, leaving me more time to roast marshmallows over an open fire.

At Eyefinity, the concept of turning routine tasks into automated processes inspires many of our new features. And it’s what inspired our newest Eyefinity Practice Management feature: Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

As the Eyefinity Practice Management Product Manager, and a former billing specialist for an independent optometric practice, I know the many steps it takes to manually post payments. That’s why our team built ERA to automatically download VSP and TriZetto insurance payments into the software daily, reducing payment posting time from days to hours.

So, how’d we automate this process?

  1. We ensured remittances are automatically downloaded into your system every night so that you can review, adjust, and post.
  2. We built ERA to automatically match each line that was billed with what was paid by VSP and the patient.
  3. We eliminated the need to print explanation of benefits, and instead made them easily digestible and accessible in the software.

Posting payments shouldn’t be a long-drawn-out process. Click here to sign up to activate ERA. With Eyefinity Practice Management, there’s no additional charge, just a whole lot more time to engage with patients.

Not yet an Eyefinity Practice Management customer?  Click here to get a peek into how ERA in Eyefinity Practice Management can help your practice. Don’t forget to swing by Vision Expo East booth 1235 to see it live!


This blog was written by Sarah O., who is the product manager for Eyefinity Practice Management at Eyefinity.

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