With Eyefinity Education Conferences, No Mountain is Too Big

Start your software education journey with Eyefinity® by your side. The Eyefinity Education Conference Series is designed to help users become successful with their software every step of the way, while building relationships within the Eyefinity community and amongst their peers.

“Doctors and staff should attend Eyefinity Education Conferences,” Dr. May C. Tam-Lin said, “It’s a great way to network with others, to share your questions and answers with fellow colleagues, and learn new thing.”

In 2019, it’s not one size fits all. Eyefinity is introducing new programs for every skill level—from novice to super-user—with Basecamp, Vista, and Peak Education Conferences.

Take the first step on your education journey at the Basecamp Education Conference. It’s ideal for doctors and practice staff currently in Eyefinity onboarding, brand new practice staff, or those simply needing a refresher before going live. At Basecamp, you’ll learn hands-on with the education team to gain a solid foothold on your software.

Take your software education to the next level at a Vista Education Conference. Vista is for doctors and practice staff that have a strong foundation with Eyefinity® software. At Vista, users will build on the basics to improve workflow efficiencies and explore time-saving features they’re not currently using.

“The Education Conference will help your practice become more efficient and far more organized,” said Grisel Herrera of L. Bruce Mebine, OD & Associates, in California.

Reach new heights at a Peak Education Conference. Peak is designed for doctors and practice staff who have a strong product knowledge and want to take a deeper dive into a specific feature of Eyefinity EHR or Eyefinity Practice Management. The upcoming Peak will focus on mastering Eyefinity EHR on the iPad® with Dr. Justin Manning and Eyefinity EHR Product Manager Phernell Walker.

“The Eyefinity Education Conference is a total MUST-DO for ALL doctors and practice staff members,” said Herrera.

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