Preparing for MIPS 2019

Before you celebrate the dawn of a new year, be sure to have your MIPS 2019 game plan in place.

General MIPS Requirements

Check Your Eligibility

Determine if you or your group are required to participate. Find out here.


Additional Requirements for ExamWRITER Users

Update Your SQL Server

Microsoft is ending support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Update your SQL Server for HIPAA compliance and full MIPS feature support. Learn more.

Install the Right Software

Install OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 15 by December 31. Version 15 is required for MIPS 2019. Learn more.
Note: If you plan to report Quality measure 226 (Preventive Care and Screening-Tobacco Use), for 2018, you’ll need the latest release of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 15.

Upgrade Your Secure Messaging and Patient Portal Platforms

Be sure to sign up to upgrade your secure messaging and patient portal platform prior to beginning your 90-day Promoting Interoperability performance period. Purchasing this new platform will replace your existing one. Sign up here.


Additional Requirements for Eyefinity EHR Users

Purchase the Eyefinity EHR Built-in Registry

Submit Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities data directly from within Eyefinity EHR. Purchase the built-in registry by contacting your Eyefinity Account Executive at 800.269.3666 option 2 or

4 Replies to “Preparing for MIPS 2019”

  1. At one point there was information in this article on how to be sure to not auto-enroll in MIPS if you are not eligible by continuing to submit claims based PQRI information. It is no longer in this article. Has that information moved?

    1. Hi, Dr. Peterson. Great catch! Yes, there was information about disabling claims-based reporting to avoid accidentally opting into MIPS. Since the article was published, however, we received clarification from CMS that will be a great relief for everyone. Simply submitting data will not obligate you to participate in MIPS. To opt in, you would need to sign into the QPP Portal and select an option to positively affirm that you wish to participate. So, if you don’t meet all three of the low-volume threshold criteria, you can continue to report PQRS codes without accidentally opting in.
      As always, be sure to check your MIPS eligibility status at

  2. The link on this blog to determine eligibility is for 2018. Is there a link for determining eligibility for 2019?

    1. Great question, Teresa! We don’t expect the Quality Payment Program to release the 2019 link until the new year has begun. We recommend that you forecast your 2019 eligibility based on your 2018 QPP participation status. Hope this helps!

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