You Are Now Free to Move About the Kiosk.

Blog image“Where in the world is Steve Baker?” I’m often jumping on a plane to visit practices and meet doctors like you. Just call me the Carmen Sandiego of Eyefinity.

Because I frequently travel for work, I spend a lot of time in airports. One change I’ve noticed here in Sacramento (my hometown airport) is that some airlines are now allowing passengers to enter from both the front and back of the plane. With two entrances, this makes the boarding process so much simpler. There’s no need to wait in a long line, crossing your fingers that there’s still room in the overhead compartment for your luggage. The flight attendants also seem more relaxed now that they don’t have to remind passengers to quickly find their seats or worry that a long queue will lead to a late departure. It’s a simple solution with big time benefits.

Simplicity, especially when it comes to check-in for your patients, is what inspired our team to introduce the new Eyefinity Kiosk.

With the Eyefinity Kiosk, a patient is simply handed an iPad at check-in to quickly fill out his or her medical history information and sign consent forms electronically. Once the patient hands back the iPad, your staff doesn’t have to transcribe, scan, or file patient information. Instead, the information is merged with the patient record in Eyefinity EHR. It’s that simple and saves both the patient and your staff so much time.

Watch this video for a quick glimpse into how the Eyefinity Kiosk can simplify check-in. I’m off to the Bahamas. Okay, wishful thinking. See you soon, Denver.

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