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by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

The word “grit” has been on my mind a lot lately. I recently rode my fifth “Death Ride,” a 129-mile cycling event in the California Alps. The course covers five mountain passes and boasts 15,000 plus feet of lung-busting climbing. Don’t ask me why I do this. The adrenaline, perhaps? Or maybe that incredible feeling of pushing myself and accomplishing my goal. I’m pretty certain my wife and three daughters don’t completely understand the insanity. Maybe I don’t either. But they support me, thankfully. What I do understand is the perseverance, tenacity, fortitude, and determination required. There are times during my training when I think, “Nah, maybe I won’t.” And then, something shouts from within me: “I must!”

Seeing any project or commitment through takes courage. Rarely is anything continuously strenuous; most of the time, we get small reprieves that help us keep moving forward. However, those long stretches of over-the-top demanding times are merciless. In your world, complying with government regulations, keeping staff accountable, staying competitive, and moving the needle in any way, shape, or form requires grit. And then, there is your personal life! No matter how you look at it, grit is what makes us human. You don’t have to win the race. You just have to stay in the game – or the ride. Consider where you demonstrate grit in your life and then feel good about it. Reflect on how it drives your decision making. To me, all grit requires is a personal pledge. How about for you? Let me know in the comments below. #ForwardTogether

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