Eyefinity EHR: Check


by April Jasper, ODDr_Jasper_short

I made it!

Hello from the other side. I am happy to report that all is going great with our implementation of Eyefinity EHR. I was never really worried about it, but I did have first day jitters. The nervousness is really more of a mind game than anything else. It is funny how you are either excited to get started or nervous about the unknown. We always try to keep a positive perspective, as it changes the outcome and outlook of the day for the better.

The great news is that my team was very well trained by the Eyefinity Implementation Team. It turns out we all are much happier with Eyefinity EHR than we were with ExamWRITER. Personally, I am finding the adaptive learning features refreshing. Plus, with ExamWRITER, I could never really finish a chart with a patient present. After one week with EHR, I was able to complete a chart in three minutes. I am also finding the iPad easier and faster to use in the exam lane than a desktop computer. I have all of my technology integrated with “Forum” by Carl Zeiss Meditech and my refractive information integrated through Marco. This requires a desktop, and the combination of desktop and iPad is working seamlessly. My team members all have an iPad they use to document notes in the chart while I talk with the patient so I don’t have to do so later. We are learning as we go along, and the learning is good.

As you may know, I have many “jobs.” In addition to seeing my patients, my day is full of multitasking as I am sure it is for many of you. What I have learned is that it is better to complete one task before moving on to another. Taking on new technology is no different. Remaining singularly focused on making the shift from ExamWRITER to Eyefinity EHR resulted in success.

It was — and is — easier than I had thought.

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