Grit – Forward Together


by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

The word “grit” has been on my mind a lot lately. I recently rode my fifth “Death Ride,” a 129-mile cycling event in the California Alps. The course covers five mountain passes and boasts 15,000 plus feet of lung-busting climbing. Don’t ask me why I do this. The adrenaline, perhaps? Or maybe that incredible feeling of pushing myself and accomplishing my goal. Continue reading

Eyefinity EHR: Check


by April Jasper, ODDr_Jasper_short

I made it!

Hello from the other side. I am happy to report that all is going great with our implementation of Eyefinity EHR. I was never really worried about it, but I did have first day jitters. The nervousness is really more of a mind game than anything else. It is funny how you are either excited to get started or nervous about the unknown. We always try to keep a positive perspective, as it changes the outcome and outlook of the day for the better. Continue reading

Forward Together


by Steve BakerSteve Baker
President, Eyefinity

In the optometric industry, one does not have to look far to realize that eye care professionals have many traits in common. Three that come to mind are “Passion,” “Commitment,” and “Grit.”

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