Stress Less with New Exam Progress Bar in Eyefinity EHR

Progress Bar2

The exam progress bar, a new Eyefinity® EHR feature, helps alleviate the stress of ensuring that every part of the exam has been documented by showing users their exam progress in real-time.

With the exam progress bar, users can:

  • Clearly see exam progress at all times
  • Quickly know what the technician has already completed in the exam
  • Immediately identify missing exam steps that might affect billing

The exam progress bar offers less confusion and more exam transparency. Click here to watch a 2 minute video to see the exam progress bar in action.

3 Replies to “Stress Less with New Exam Progress Bar in Eyefinity EHR”

    1. Hi, James. Thank you for your comment! Please give our Customer Care team a call at 800.942.5353 and someone will be happy to help you get this up and running.

    2. Hi, James! At this time the exam progress bar feature is only available on the Eyefinity EHR iPad app. If you still don’t see it in the app make sure you’re updated to the latest version and call support if you’re still experiencing issues.

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