Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This Week

SEO-imageMake your business stand out.

Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s rank, leading to increased traffic to your site.

All major search engines have search results, and web sites rank based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un paid search results.

Here are three simple things to do this week to improve your SEO:

1.    Define your keywords
Think about keywords as a search term. What words would a potential client use when searching for your business? Once you choose your keywords, be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of your site: your titles, content, URLs, and image names.

2.    Choose page titles that accurately communicate page content
Each page title should be unique, descriptive and less than 70 characters long. Search engines display only the first 60-70 characters, so it is important to use brief, short, and informative titles.

3.    Make URL’s simple to understand
Create a URL that is easy to understand. A user should be able to recreate the URL if needed.  Like a page title, the URL should be short and informative.

Use these three tips to help search engines provide targeted traffic to your site. Targeted visitors to your website can provide publicity, revenue, and new patients.

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