Eyefinity EHR Customer Leads the Pack

Ami C. Ranani

Ami C. Ranani

Doctors just like you have completed more than 10,000 exams using Eyefinity®  EHR just since October—and Ami Ranani, OD is one of them.

A strong advocate and early adopter of Eyefinity® EHR, Dr. Ranani has used Eyefinity practice management and EHR solutions for more than 20 years.
Check out why Dr. Ranani was motivated to adopt Eyefinity EHR, and why it’s vital to his practice’s success.

Read the entire article: Eyefinity EHR Spotlight

Reprinted with permission from Review of Optometric Business.

3 Responses

  1. Do you think Eyefinity EHR would work in a non VSP commercial practice (i.e. heavy Eyemed)? What PM software does it integrate with if one does not have Officemate?
    IS it easy to use for CL fits, checks, orders etc?

  2. Does the new Eyefinity EHR come in Cloud format only or can we still use a server?

    • Hi Jim,

      Eyefinity® EHR is the first and only cloud-based EHR solution designed specifically for the iPad®. This means you’ll enjoy the most optimized mobile experience when using an iPad.

      However, Eyefinity EHR is accessible from other mobile devices and desktop computers—making it versatile and PC friendly too. If preferred, you can access Eyefinity EHR via a web browser, and use it in the practice from any computer.

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