The Potential of Google Glass


You’ve heard of Google Glass, right? Been thinking about how it might be used in your practice? Check out the article in EYE2 to see more about one of the most exciting technologies in the last decade with so much potential for VSP network providers. Matthew Alpert, OD and VSP board member shares that, “Glass has many potential benefits for the profession of optometry and the patients VSP serves.”

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The Power Hour with Steve Baker and Ryan Wineinger, OD

powerhour_logo_22march2012_RGBUSE THISEHR, MU stages 1 and 2, cloud computing, improving the patient experience – all important considerations in today’s practice. If you haven’t already, check out Eyefinity® president Steve Baker and Ryan Wineinger, OD, discuss these important topics on The Power Hour Internet radio show, hosted by Gary Gerber, OD.

The Power Hour is optometry’s only live talk radio show that can be heard every Wednesday night at 9p.m. ET, offering a live discussion vehicle for current practice-building events in optometry, political viewpoints and clinical topics.


Doctor Anticipates the Convenience of Cloud-based EHR

Dr. SchmidtAmanda Schmidt, OD, of Fresno, Calif., had been an ExamWRITER® user for two years before volunteering to test the conversion to a new cloud-based system called Eyefinity® EHR. She’s expecting it will bring some convenient changes for her. Notably, she won’t have to worry about hardware purchases and maintenance. She’ll be able to access patient records easily from home. “In terms of support, since it’s cloud-based, Eyefinity will be managing it, and that will make it much easier for me.”

For example, even though Eyefinity’s IT support people would manage the updates, those events needed to be scheduled and a support person had to come into the office. Now those updates will be done remotely. For major changes like the conversion to ICD-10 codes, for example, that will be much more convenient. As often as codes change, that simplicity becomes even more important.

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Utilize EHR to Enhance Doctor-Patient Interactions

By Palmer N. Lee, ODDr. Palmer Lee

Electronic records can improve interaction between doctor and patient in the exam room resulting in more meaningful discussions of eye health and lifestyle needs.

When facing your patient in the exam room, it can be easy to overlook important eye health and lifestyle issues to discuss. It helps if you have a record at your fingertips prompting to you to talk about these things with each patient. That’s what electronic records does in the exam room for me–provides an easy-to-access file of data on patients including past eye health, vision complaints, diagnoses and past purchases that I can use to start in-depth conversations. Here is how my practice uses our electronic records, ExamWRITER, with our practice management system, OfficeMate, to facilitate enhanced interaction between doctor and patient in the exam room.

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Reprinted with permission from Review of Optometric Business.