Ease Your Transition to EHR with Comprehensive Training

By Robert L. Bass, OD, FAAO

In moving to EHR, good training and a well-paced adaptation period can ease the transition. Free training is available from your vendor–and supplemental training may be worth the added expense.

Robert BassTransitioning to electronic health records is not a simple intuitive process. Even the most user-friendly systems require training and practice. If you neglect to adequately prepare yourself and your staff for the transition to EHR, you won’t be able to use the system to its full potential. There will be functions the system has that you won’t know how to tap into, and you probably will make mistakes when inputting patient data. These mistakes could lead to the system not being able to provide you with the information you need to provide superior care, meaning you may not be able to easily access the patient’s medical history and past product preferences, among other data. Here is how my practice trained and practiced for the implementation of Eyefinity Practice Management, OfficeMate Edition and Eyefinity EHR, ExamWRITER Edition.

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Reprinted with permission from Review of Optometric Business.

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