Eyefinity helps Insight Eye Care with Conversion to EHR

Insight Eye CareWhen the staff and doctors at Insight Eye Care decided it was time to integrate electronic health records into their three offices, they formed a committee of doctors and employees to study the options. “We had been an OfficeMate® user forever, so ExamWRITER® was the logical choice,” says Dr. Burt Dubow, yet he wanted the committee to analyze multiple systems thoroughly to find which option was best for their offices.

At several local Vision Source quarterly meetings, the committee had a chance to work in person with multiple systems, and, in the end, landed back where they started with ExamWRITER. Why was ExamWRITER the right match? “There were a lot of factors—the ease of customizing it for our practice needs, the quality of training and back-up support and the stability and longevity of the company,” Dr. Dubow says. “We wanted to make sure whomever we chose would be able to serve us for many years.”

Read entire article: Eyefinity helps Insight Eye Care with EHR Conversion

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