Annual Practice Benchmark: Running Your Year-end Reports

Review 2012 and Plan for 2013 with OfficeMate and eyeReports

The end of the year, means new year’s resolutions and reflections back to the previous year. To many of us, it also means tax season is approaching. This year, resolve to make tax season a planning time for your practice as well.

OfficeMate Year-end Reports
Eyefinity recommends that you run the following OfficeMate reports at the end of each year:

  • Production Report – Year-to-Year Comparison
    Run this report to see the production for the selected period and the year-to-date totals grouped by the financial or production report groups
  • Production Report – Period Comparison
    Run this report to compare your 2012 totals to your 2011 totals.
  • Inventory Custom Reports – Stock Status
    Run this report to see the net inventory valuation of the stock on hand if you’re maintaining perpetual inventory.
  • Aging Reports – Aged A/R Report 30-60-90-120+
    Run this report to see the end-of-year patient and insurance balances total due.
  • Sales Tax Register
    Run this report to calculate sales tax due.

Refer to our extensive knowledge base to see how to run these valuable reports.

Learn Even More about Your Practice with eyeReports
Seeing where you’ve been is great, but being able to project where you’re going is even better. eyeReports, an OfficeMate Certified Partner, helps you take an even deeper look into your practice. These additional reports are great for year-end reporting and for planning for 2013. With eyeReports, you can track various aspects of your practice’s performance:

  • Year-to-year comparisons of production groups, procedure codes, and products sold.
  • Practice metrics and key performance indicators to compare with the Management and Business Advisory National Averages.
  • Insurance profitability, amounts not collected, and written off by each insurance carrier. Determine which carriers it makes sense to continue to accept.
  • Frame and lens gross profits.
  • Comparative dispenser sales. Identify your staff superstars.
  • Comparative collections generated by primary diagnosis code, CPT codes, and financial and production groups.
  • Gross profits by frames sold, board turns, and many other frame categories.
  • Patient sources, how many, and what fees are associated with those patients.
  • Patients who do not have future recall dates.
  • Past ExamWRITER exams that have not been closed.

Schedule a personal demo to learn how eyeReports can help you see your practice in a whole new light.

Year-end reporting is never fun, but we all have to do it. Take this time to close your 2012 books and plan to make 2013 even brighter.

2 Replies to “Annual Practice Benchmark: Running Your Year-end Reports”

  1. I thought this is what practice management software is supposed to do. Along with being able to backup, scan, etc. Why do we have to continually buy all of our services from other companies?

    1. Dr. Siedel,

      OfficeMate gives you the ability to perform all of the tasks you listed (with the exception of backup). We occasionally partner with third-party products and services to give you access to additional functionality or interface with pieces of diagnostic equipment, if you need it. These third-party modules are certainly not required.

      For example, many practices operate extremely well with the reports that are shipped with OfficeMate, and they have for several years. A service like eyeReports is available for those practices that require more dynamic reporting.

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