See Your Practice Like Never Before with eyeReports

Advanced Reporting Can Help Your Business Grow & Save Time and Money

OfficeMate users already enjoy a wide range of reporting options from the various tabs within the Reports and Statements window. Now, users of later versions of OfficeMate can benefit from a new generation of practice management reports and graphs from eyeReports, a new OfficeMate Certified Partner. These reports are designed to help practices mine through the data, identify trends, and realize financial success.

EyeReports leverages advanced features within Microsoft Excel to query the OfficeMate SQL database to give you enhanced financial analysis and practice metric reports and graphs. You’ll be able to see your practice results like never before and gain greater insights to help make intelligent business decisions.

“With the power of eyeReports,” Stephen Rosenbaum, CEO of eyeReports, explains,” eyecare professionals can look at their results in a whole new light. The valuable data needed to manage and grow practices are presented clearly and concisely in eyeReports, which helps eyecare professionals question, analyze, compare, and understand results to make informed strategic plans to grow their business.”

New reports are routinely added and included in the annual license fee, and you can request reports from the community of users. Are you a member of ODExcellence or other consulting groups? Ask if a report is available to gather the benchmarking data you need to regularly report to your group.

For more information about eyeReports or to request a personal demonstration, visit or call 760.689.2452.

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