Health 2.0: The Increasing Velocity of Healthcare Technology

Steve Baker, President of Eyefinity

I had the pleasure of attending a thrilling, three-day conference in San Francisco organized by the Health 2.0 community. Health 2.0 is a clever play on words, signaling the combination of Web 2.0 technologies and the latest advances in healthcare and wellness. The Health 2.0 movement is at the directional forefront of health care, and is often viewed as the bellwether for things to come. The conference was widely attended with over 7,000 attendees from all over the world. Participants from North America, Europe, South America, and even Australia attended the lectures and packed the exhibit hall and panel discussions.

The healthcare space is moving at a startling and increasing velocity, seeking to efficiently solve such critical problems as consumer engagement and communication, predictive modeling, and early diagnosis and prevention. Health 2.0 tracks about 2,100 companies across 20 categories. So, what are the fastest moving categories? The fasted are patient/provider connectivity and clinician-workflow tools. An honorable mention goes to personal-sensor monitoring, which is swarming with small startups clamoring to bring creative approaches that link together your personal health condition through your smart phone directly to your primary care physician. Cool stuff!

As I consider optometry, I can’t help but think about how far we have yet to go as an industry. Primary care is moving at a furious clip. It’s important to monitor key trends, but equally (if not more so), it’s critical that the optometric community begin to embrace the new world of consumer engagement in healthcare. Eyefinity is positioned well for this new world, with solutions like eWebExtra and our practice management platforms. The next few years will be very interesting as healthcare delivery models evolve, and the growing impact of true consumer engagement begins to make its formidable imprint on how these delivery systems provide health and wellness at a competitive cost. Stay tuned!

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  1. Steve,

    I had the pleasure also of attending the conference for a few hours and only to talk with some key people there. Health assessment and patient engagement will make inroads into the practice of optometry and how the profession can accommodate these trends as well as consumerism will be a challenge for all involved.

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