What Are Patients Saying about Your Practice?

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It’s far easier to keep an existing patient coming back to your practice than it is to attract new patients. Additionally, your existing patients can be your best method of marketing your services to new patients through word of mouth or through ratings on such web sites as Yelp and Google Maps. People are relying more and more on user ratings, and recommendations through their social networks to find eyecare and other service providers.

When a patient leaves your office, do you know what she’s going to say to others about your practice?

If you answered “No” or “I think so,” you need eyecareScore from focalCenter. As one of our latest OfficeMate Certified Partners, focalCenter gives you the tools you need to measure patient experience and satisfaction and translate those measurements into actionable steps to improve your practice’s results.

The qualities that set eyecareScore apart from other customer rating services are twofold:

  • As an eyecare-focused company, focalCenter measures the aspects of your practice that are specific to your industry and the aspects that are most important to you.
  • They take a scientific, evidence-based approach to surveying patients, measuring feedback, and setting benchmarks.

focalCenter Measure ItAdditionally, eyecareScore gives you insight into your progress over time, you can see how changes you make in your practice reflect on the patient experience. Plus you can compare your results to those of your peers. Also, focalCenter has tools to facilitate your reviews on social media and ratings web sites.  If you’d like to see how eyecareScore works, you can sign up for a free trial.

Next to OfficeMate, eyecareScore is your most valuable reporting tool. For more information about eyecareScore, visit the OfficeMate Certified Partners page.

Are you attending Vision Expo East? Come by the Eyefinity booth (1857) and learn more about focalCenter.

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