Need to take a No-Glare refresher course?

Essilor of America® has created a fun and interactive training program to help you refresh your knowledge of the many benefits No-Glare lenses can offer.

In just half an hour, you will be reminded of how No-Glare lenses can benefit both children and adults in their daily lives.  The site features eight short training videos for ECPs featuring real-life situations such as: driving at night, children at school and other day to day activities.

To learn more about how No-Glare lenses can benefit your patients in real-life situations, visit No-Glare lenses such as Crizal® and SharpView® are currently available at

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  1. Just what we needed. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Not only is it more comfortable, No Glare is safer for the eyes, especially for someone who spends a lot of time outside in the sun

  3. The no-glare site is great. Thanks for posting the URL

  4. Will they help keep the glare off from camera flashes?

  5. Driving is the biggest problem. Thanks.

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