Free FSA Reminder Cards! Order While Supplies Last

Did you know that 56% of Americans with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) use them on eyewear purchases?* In fact, eyewear is the number one eyecare related expense on which people spend their FSAs.

What are you doing to ensure patients spend those last-minute dollars in your office?

Here are 5 quick ways to help patients get the most from their FSAs—and increase your sales.

  1. Encourage second and third pair purchases
  2. Mention prescription sunwear—it’s important all year
  3. Push premium lens options and material upgrades
  4. Stock them up with contact lenses and solution
  5. LASIK surgery is even eligible—start the conversation

While supplies last, order free patient reminder cards to jump start the sale.

*Jobson Optical’s 2011 Consumer Perceptions of Managed Vision Care.

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