Phernell Walker Wins the Beverly Myers Achievement Award!

Congratulations to Phernell Walker, II, AS, NCLC, ABOM, an Eyefinity Implementation Consultant, for receiving the Beverly Myers Achievement Award from the National Academy of Opticianry (NAO)! This prestigious honor, which was first awarded in 1951, is “bestowed upon persons who have made meritorious contributions or who have rendered outstanding services to the field of ophthalmic optics.”

Phernell is certainly in good company; past recipients of the Beverly Myers Achievement Award include Dr. Jack Copeland, inventor of the modern retinoscope, and Dr. David Volk, developer of the Volk Aspheric Condensing Lenses.

Phernell Walker and Danne Ventura 2011
NAO Immediate Past President Danne Ventura (left) with the 2011 Beverly Myers Achievement Award Recipient, Phernell Walker (right)

Phernell, like each past recipient of the Beverly Myers Achievement Award, has dedicated himself to advancing the field of ophthalmic optics. Phernell has written numerous articles, lectured in 43 states, and even authored the textbook Pure Optics, which is now in its second edition. In addition to these contributions and achievements, Phernell is a Master in Ophthalmic Lenses (ABOM) and is certified by the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLEC) and the American Board of Opticianry (ABO).

Phernell has been a part of the Eyefinity Training and Implementation team since 2007. He provides training on all aspects of Eyefinity software, and represents Eyefinity at many conferences around the country. However, if you can’t make it out to see Phernell in person, you may catch him in an online “ExamWRITER” Ask-the-Expert session.

In response to receiving the Beverly Myers Achievement Award, Phernell states, “I’m excited, yet humbled to know that I’ve helped thousands of Eye Care Professionals, opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.”

The Eyefinity team is excited for you too, Phernell!

Congratulations again to Phernell for receiving such a prestigious award!

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