The Importance of Merchandising

Today’s post comes from Lindsay McCarthy, product manager for Eyefinity: 

Merchandising is the art of displaying your frames in a manner that boosts sales. Merchandising brings continuity to your dispensary. A well-kept dispensary relaxes your patients, and a more relaxed consumer tends to be more open to purchasing opportunities.

A key term in merchandising is the planogram. A planogram is a diagram that illustrates how and where retail products should be displayed.  Merchandise at supermarkets, home goods stores, and other retail establishments are arranged in planograms.

Thus, consumers are already used to and expect merchandise to be organized into a planogram based on their everyday shopping experiences.  Planograms provide many other positive benefits, including maximizing display space and tighter inventory control.

So how would you undertake a planogram design project in your dispensary? Although specialized software programs for planogram design can be purchased, you only really need a piece of paper and the ability to stand back and look through the consumer’s eyes. At a high level, in the best planograms, designer collections are kept together, as are frames of specific materials and gender-specific designs.

A lesson on merchandising and planogram design is available on Eyefinity’s Business Essentials portal. OfficeMate users can sign up for this value added service at no charge at

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