Looking to boost business? Consider a style show!

Today’s entry comes from Kirk Poole, Field Services Manager for Eyefinity

A great way to boost business in your practice is to team up with one of your frame reps and host a style show. With your frame rep’s help, it could be possible for your practice to make thousands of dollars in a matter of hours and uncover new patients in the process.

The secrets to throwing a fun and profitable style show are the same as throwing a great party. Your party should have  a theme; you can team up with your frame rep to provide brand-focused party favors or gift bags; you will want to provide food and beverages and pick uplifting music. Ideally the show should last approximately four hours and be on a day when your best customers are available. If you are in a retail setting, you will probably want to host your show on a Saturday; in a medical setting, weekdays may be better, incorporating the early evening hours.

The best time for style shows is the Spring and Fall, organized around particular holidays such as Valentine’s Day or back-to-school season. You will also want to feature a particular price point promotion or two in preparation for the show. For example, you might want to give free single vision lenses with every frame sold.

Publicizing your show is the main key to its success.  Professionally printed flyers are recommended and should be given out to every customer that enters your practice starting two months prior to the show. Fliers should be distributed to local businesses. Your social media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, will definitely be strong promotion tools. You may also consider contacting your local newspaper and radio “community events” sections for potential free advertising opportunities. You or your staff should personally contact best customers—via phone or via the email feature on Websystems 2.0.

You can also leverage the different businesses in your area for cross-referrals. For example a local restaurant can serve hors d’oeuvres, while handing out coupons for their restaurant. Another great idea is to have a local massage business set up to provide 10 min neck and shoulder massages. In exchange for the opportunity, ask these businesses to start promoting your show several weeks in advance.

On the day of your show, it is important that you schedule only optical exams. Exclude exams for contact lenses and rechecks on that particular day, as well as POP for other frame manufacturers. Run a sales contest for your staff to earn extra sales, and remember to have fun!

For more information on building your practice, Officemate customers can visit www.eyefinityofficemate.biz.

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