Ready for some ‘fun in the sun’ with Rx sunwear?

Now through July 19th, for any four pairs of Nautica, Maui Jim, Oakley or Rudy Project prescription sun frame and lens packages you order through eBuy, you’ll get a free summer fun pack from Eyefinity (our beach bag and towel set).

Don’t forget: Rx sunwear ordering has never been easier! Our prescription validation technology verifies that the Rx will fit your frame and lens choice, saving time and increasing patient satisfaction.

Get Noticed on the Web with

Looking for ways to increase your presence on the Web? Is your practice showing up in Web searches, or could it use a boost to get to the top of the listings? Eyefinity has a tool to help——a new consumer-facing Web site for private-practice professionals to help you compete with retail.

At, consumers will see appealing promotions with a retail look and feel, and can search for practices by zip code. What’s more, links to your eWebExtra™ site, automatically updating the promotions page so consumers see the same promotions in both places. Research shows that promotions create a sense of urgency, attracting patients to your practice rather than a retail chain.

You can also download promotional signage from for displaying in your practice to increase incremental sales to your existing patients. With signage in three locations–, your eWebExtra site, and your office–the consumer sees consistent messaging and graphics, which increases retention.

Since your eWebExtra site links to, it can help your Web site rise to the top of consumer Web searches, resulting in more hits, and more consumers looking at your practice. Last year, more than 40% of consumers looking for an optometrist found them on the Internet.

Subscribe to before July 5, 2011, and get 1 month free with a 1-year subscription. For more information, contact Eyefinity at 877.448.0707, option 2, or e-mail Eyefinity Inside Sales.

Now playing: EyeFiles video series with NBA star Tyreke Evans

Looking for something fun to share with your patients and colleagues through your social media channels? Check out season two of VSP EyeFiles with NBA star Tyreke Evans:

The series offers parents fun and entertaining reminders to keep their children’s vision healthy and top of mind, while providing answers to a variety of eye health questions. Episode one focuses on sports vision. NBA Star and Sacramento Kings player Tyreke Evans knows that in order to play your best, you have to see your best, and that means getting an annual eye exam. The video series includes four webisodes which roll out through the end of July. You can watch all of the latest webisodes on VSP’s Facebook page.

Viewers can also ‘watch and win’ by viewing the webisodes and entering the contest to win an Xbox 360 with KINECT and an autographed shoe worn by Tyreke during the filming of the video.



Don’t miss Eyefinity’s Virtual Users’ Group Meeting: July 25-29

Don’t miss Eyefinity’s third-annual Virtual Users’ Group Meeting (VUGM), which takes place July 25-29. The online educational event is free for OfficeMate/ExamWRITER users, who can take part in over thirty robust training courses all from the comfort of their own office. The VUGM helps you eliminate the need to book a costly trip and close down your practice  to attend a conference.

Whether you’re an OfficeMate/ExamWRITER veteran, or just getting started with our products and solutions, the VUGM has something for everyone. The VUGM will feature an overview and sneak-peak of the certified version of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER (v10.5), which is set for release this summer, and courses that will help eyecare professionals better understand meaningful use (MU) along with the steps they must take to successfully demonstrate MU to qualify for federal stimulus dollars.

Other VUGM courses will provide in-depth education on topics such as e-prescribing, creating a paperless office, inventory management, patient history documentation, OfficeMate scheduler best practices and marketing tools, the technology integrated practice and much more. Additionally, Eyefinity PresidentSteve Baker will present a look at Eyefinity’s past, present and where the company’s products and services are heading in the future.

Attendees will also receive unlimited access to the recorded courses for 6 months following the 2011 VUGM. To register, visit

Questions? Call 1-800-942-5353 and select option 2.

Putting OfficeMate/ExamWRITER to the Test

At the beginning of May, Eyefinity conducted a new and interesting test on its OfficeMate and ExamWRITER software. The outcome of this test will be a positive influence on the release of OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 10.5 this summer, which will improve the experience for all OfficeMate/ExamWRITER users.

SeeLia Mobile Eye Clinic

The SeeLia team helped out in the examination part of the practice simulation test.

Typically, the OfficeMate and ExamWRITER software undergoes a rigorous three-tiered testing regimen before the software is released to our clients. The three tiers include our internal quality assurance (QA) team, alpha test practices, and beta test practices, and each group vigorously looks for flaws and inefficiencies in the software. Alpha and beta practices communicate their evaluations of the software via conference calls or emails at the end of their work days or on the weekends.

Examination in SeeLia

Eyefinity employees volunteered to be patients.

In May, we took it a step further, by inviting some alpha and beta practices to our offices in Irvine to simulate a high-volume practice. We had additional help from VSP’s mobile clinic team, who brought SeeLia down the freeway to our Irvine office. With everyone assembled, conference rooms converted to front desk, dispensary, and check out areas, and SeeLia set up as an examination room, Eyefinity employees participated by receiving eye exams and moving through the patient workflow. Additionally, various scenarios were interjected into the test so that unusual return or billing situations would arise.

ExamWRITER running wirelessly through Terminal Services

Since SeeLia was outside in the parking lot, ExamWRITER communicated wirelessly with the database.

Our alpha and beta testers included doctors, opticians, and other staff who were closely observed by Eyefinity product managers. Having an in-house practice simulation involving staff members from various practices with disparate business practices presented an engaging and strenuous testing environment. Observing the testers as they worked enabled Eyefinity product managers to receive immediate feedback on new and existing features, allowed them to spot inefficiencies in the patient workflow, and helped them to determine what improvements can be made. The immediacy of the feedback and observations was critical to the success of the test immeasurably beneficial to the product managers.

Check out and Scheduling Stations

In addition to the examination room, scheduling, dispensary, and check-out stations were also set up.

The feedback we received during the practice simulation will help us improve v10.5 before it is released later this summer for the benefit of all OfficeMate/ ExamWRITER users.

Custom Fit Sunwear Can Set Your Practice Apart

Today’s entry comes from Kirk Poole, Field Services Manager for Eyefinity:

One thing that sets a private practice setting apart from other sunwear sales channels is the ability to obtain a custom fit. Custom fitting is not just for a user’s primary pair—custom-fitting can make the sunglass wearer feel better about their purchase, whether it is plano or prescription sunwear.

Your staff should become familiar with the adjustment standards in the industry. There are steps to achieving a custom fit: basic adjustment (the “four point touch”), nose pads, temple placement, bridge fit, frame angle, pantoscopic angle, retroscopic angle, face form/wrap, and vertex distance.

Your staff should be well versed in performing all of these steps. Incorporating training and executing service in these areas into your practice is key to attracting repeat customers—especially when it comes to sunwear.

With summer on its way, the savvy optometric practice will prepare by stocking an adequate percentage of sunwear in its dispensary. What is “adequate?” Depending on the climate in your geographic region, an adequate percentage of sunwear is approximately 20%. Sunwear can be marketed to all patients, but a key demographic is the contact lens wearer, who is in need of UV protection on top  of the vision correction provided by their contacts.

Additionally, it is recommended that you run a price-point promotion on sunwear for contact lens wearers during the summer months.

Another idea for promoting sunwear during the summer is to pick a “Sunwear Awareness” week in the office, and have all staff wear their sunglasses. Signage, balloons, and custom pins are a great way to draw awareness to the importance of UV protection, making sunwear top of mind for both your staff and customers. Be sure to measure your multiple-pair sales metrics during that time period to track the effectiveness of this campaign.

For detailed staff training on how to properly custom fit eyewear, OfficeMate users can visit