Establishing High Standards of Service

Today’s entry comes from Jessica Lesson.

What distinguishes an excellent customer experience from a good or—worse—mediocre experience? In a word, service. In today’s optical industry, the service a customer receives is just as important—if not more important—as the quality of care and materials they receive. As a practice owner, we know you want to make sure that every patient who visits your practice experiences a consistently high standard of service.

You may endeavor to hire the most conscientious, outgoing, and friendly staff and believe that these efforts alone will ensure that your patients receive the highest standards of care. These measures, however, won’t ensure that staff members consistently provide high levels of service. To ensure that high levels of service are evenly applied from staff member to staff member, you must explicitly state your expectations and establish standards of service.

To establish standards of service, your practice should have a mission statement and a job description for each position:

  • A mission statement should be a short, formal statement about what your practice stands for. A mission statement is designed to guide the actions of your practice as an organization and to create a sense of direction for you and your employees.
  • The positions within your practice that have a set of consistent responsibilities should have job descriptions that directly align with your practice’s mission statement. As a general rule of thumb, most practices should have a job description written for the office manager, front desk and back office staff, pretesters, sales associates, and opticians to ensure that staff members are following consistent, high standards of service.

Setting job descriptions for these various positions is important, even if your practice isn’t large enough to fill each of these unique positions with an individual person. A hybrid job description combining one or more of standards set for these basic positions can be created for employees that wear many hats in the office.

For more information on establishing job descriptions, including sample standards for the major functions in any optometric practice, visit

Jessica Lesson has worked in many facets of the optical industry. Jessica’s experience includes general management of large-volume retail locations and multiunit management. Jessica is also an ABOC optician and licensed in California.

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