Meaningful Strategies to Meaningful Use: We’ll Show You How (cont’d)

Dr. James Kirchner

A message from Eyefinity/OfficeMate’s Chief Professional Officer, Dr. James Kirchner:

As you know, eligible professionals will need to be using a “Certified” EHR system to attest to meaningful use and collect their incentive payments. OfficeMate/ExamWRITER version 10 became “certified” by CCHIT (one of the three ATCBs) on October 29, 2010, as a “Complete EHR.”  This means that you’ll be able to use our certified version to provide meaningful use for at least 90 consecutive days during 2011. Registration can begin after January 1, 2011, at a yet to be named CMS Web site. During 2011, after you’ve fulfilled the meaningful use objectives, you’ll be eligible for incentive pay. That’s up to $18,000 per provider in your practice for 2011, and a grand total of up to $44,000 over 5 years!

I’ve asked two colleagues—Lorie Lippiatt, OD, and Kim Castleberry, OD,—to share their thoughts regarding provider skepticism that government will not fulfill the promise of incentive payments to eligible providers:

There are many skeptics out there who insist there will be no money to eligible providers, even after following the government guidelines. These are probably the same skeptics who have not kept up to date with PQRI reporting over the past three years, and who have not deployed ePrescribing. If they had been reporting PQRI codes and been using ePrescibing for the past two years, they would have realized the payments for these programs are being distributed and would have a check in the bank. In fact, we’ve received both of our PQRI government incentive checks and our eRx payments in the fall of 2010 for the year 2009. As for those skeptics who insist the program will dissolve because of the impacts of the congressional changes, we point out that meaningful use funds are secure as they are drawn from the Medicare Trust Funds held by the U.S. Treasury, and are therefore not subject to annual Congressional budget appropriations or oversight.

Now is the time to deploy OfficeMate, and more specifically, ExamWRITER, so you too can be eligible to receive your bonus incentive checks. We are sure glad we did!

And remember, we’re here to provide valuable resources and tools to help you establish meaningful use.  Join us for an upcoming Webinar, January 25 and January 27, 2011, at 8am and 5pm PT, featuring a presentation and discussion of the required meaningful use components.

Visit for more information on achieving meaningful use, applying for stimulus funds, and registering for a Webinar. We’ll show you how.

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