VSP Global Spark – Practice Makeover Webisodes Hosted by Eyefinity’s Steve Baker!

Looking for cost-effective ways to update your eyecare practice without breaking the bank? VSP Global can help! Designed to help ignite the success of private practices, VSP Global Spark shows how making a few small updates to your practice can deliver big results.

Visit http://www.vspglobal.com/spark to watch the first makeover webisode!

Hosted by Eyefinity’s President, Steve Baker, VSP Global Spark features a series of webisodes which explore a low-cost makeover completed in just 72 hours to increase profitability and success.

Visit www.vspglobal.com/spark to view the first webisode now and check back often to see new webisodes, makeover tips and tutorials.  Check out the trailer for VSP Global Spark below:

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