Summer Cycling with the Body Concepts Team!

We live in active times. Words such as “organic” and “all-natural” dominate the consumer marketing landscape.  Why?  I would like to think that people are taking an active interest in their personal health. With obesity on the rise in the U.S. and 24 million Americans living with diabetes, it’s no wonder that people want to take better care of themselves.

You’re probably aware that the bicycle remains one of the most efficient forms of transportation. It’s also one of the most accessible forms of exercise, probably second to walking and running.  And it’s a natural marriage with a society that values its freedom and mobility with a generation that desires to take better care of themselves.

Enter Body Concepts, a firm specializing in physical therapy and sports training/nutrition.  They also have a superb amateur cycling road race team, led by Rob Kopitzke.  Eyefinity/OfficeMate sponsored their team, offering an integrated package of eye exams by Michael Johnson, OD, a noted VSP provider in Sacramento.  The team was also outfitted with Nike sports performance eyewear, many of which received custom Rx sunwear thanks to the great work done by our friends at Perfect Optics.

In the coming weeks, you will hear first-hand from Rob as the Body Concepts team races across northern California. It’s exciting reading, and the timing is perfect with many popular races such as Tour of California as well as Tour de France.  I hope you enjoy the race summaries, as well as hearing direct from consumers such as Rob.  In many respects, he’s no different than many of your patients that lead an active lifestyle, be it on or off the bike.

Rob Kopitzke of the Body Concepts cycling team.

Rob’s race summary:

Dunlap TT  6-6-2010

Category: 35+ 4/5’s

Length: 30-k, Dead flat course with ~6-turns

Weather: Light wind from the SW, 94-degrees…first over 85-degree day of the season, roasting. 30-second intervals between riders, interestingly they had a start ramp set up, never used one before…I liked it.

Used my wife’s pair of Nike Vision “Lunge” glasses for the first time…they were awesome for TT! With no frame going across the top of the lenses, I had a great clear field of vision allowing me to go through all the corners in the aerobars gaining valuable time. The max speed tint really allowed me to relax my face and avoid the “squint” which puts tension throughout your body.

Nike Vision "Lunge" sunglasses

Goal was to finish around 45-min

Caught 8-riders in front of me

Finished in: 46’03”, 10th place out of 40 registered…in the points! But out of the T-shirts. 🙂

Winning time: a little over 42 minutes (would have placed top 10 in the pros) next fastest rider was over 43 min and was the rider off just in front of me…no catching him.

Thanks for loaning me your TT helmet Brad…it helped! Really like the ear coverage keeping the wind noise to a minimum and it breathes well enough.


1. Practice longer TT efforts for at least 6-weeks leading into an event like this…those 1-min power intervals Matt and I have been doing are not enough 😮

2. You can dig deeper than you think…

3. Ice in a camel back bladder stuffed down your skin suit lasts about 15k on a day this hot….hot water is better than no water on your first 90+ ride of the year 😮

4. They had a TTT this year that we definitely need to do as a team next year!!

See you all next Saturday


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