Top 5 Eyefinity FAQs

Guest blogger: Eyefinity/OfficeMate Director of Customer Care Brian McPherson

Do you have questions about using the Eyefinity Web site? Your questions have probably already been asked by other users. Read our top five Eyefinity FAQs below!

1. Why am I receiving the “date of service cannot be in the future for this claim” error message?

Check the date on your computer.  This error occurs when your computer has the incorrect time and date.  Most frequently, you have the wrong A.M .or P.M. time, causing the date to be incorrect.

2. How do I correct a rejected claim that indicates “DX CODE INVALID”?

This message from the insurance company indicates that one or more of your diagnosis codes on the claim is invalid. Check the codes for accuracy and refer to your provider manual for the insurance plan in question, or contact the insurance company to verify the codes. After you have corrected the claim, simply resubmit it to the payer at no additional charge.

Brian McPherson
Brian McPherson - Eyefinity/OfficeMate's Director of Customer Care

3. I’d like to submit claims to a specific insurance company.  Can I submit claims to that insurance on your Web site?

Contact the insurance company (or check the patient’s insurance card) to confirm the insurance company’s “payer ID.”  Then, call Eyefinity at 877.448.0707. We will be able to check for the insurance company by ID and request to have it added to our Web site if it is not already on our list.

4. I received a statement from Eyefinity, but I don’t know what the charges are for. Where I can I see the details of these charges?

You can review your detailed charges on the Eyefinity Web site if your office has designated that level of security in your Eyefinity user ID profile. On the Eyefinity home page, navigate to the top right corner of the page under the “Message Center” section.  Click on the “Account Statement” link and then click on each of the listed monthly bills to open the details of the charges.

5. How do I add a doctor to our practice on the Eyefinity Web site?

  • If you are adding an additional VSP provider, you need to contact VSP.  The doctor needs to be credentialed by VSP. After they are set up at VSP with your practice, they will automatically show up on Eyefinity as a provider in your office.
  • To add an additional provider who is not a VSP provider, you need to establish a separate Eyefinity account for that provider to use.  To set up the provider, complete the Eyefinity credentialing forms on the Eyefinity Web site under the “Contact Us” section.

2 Replies to “Top 5 Eyefinity FAQs”

  1. First, my apologies for posting off-topic.

    I’m curious as to why nothing has been posted to the blog or to twitter about the current outage. Eyefinity has been down roughly 6 hours today, but aside from a brief message about a power outage when we attempt to call VSP, there has been no news, no updates, and no estimate as to when the service will be back online. Eyefinity may be down, but we’re still seeing patients, and we depend on Eyefinity to conduct our businesses.

    I understand that you’re doing everything you can to restore the service as quickly as possible, but some communication would be nice.

    Thank you.

    1. Kerry –

      Please accept our apologies for the disruption to your practice yesterday. All systems are back up and running properly today and we’re taking steps to prevent this type of disruption from happening in the future. We’re also working on ways to better communicate with you and the entire Eyefinity/OfficeMate user community when these unforeseen events occur.

      We appreciate your feedback and patience.

      -Eyefinity/OfficeMate staff

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