I found my frame

For practices who use Eyefinity to file patient claims and lab orders, you’ve probably noticed the new frame selection feature. It was introduced earlier this year and recently enhanced to provide the wholesale frame cost for all the frames, if you have a qualifying Frames Data subscription.

Jay B. is a Systems Architect for Eyefinity/OfficeMate
Jay B. is a Systems Architect for Eyefinity/OfficeMate

There is some real magic behind this feature. We have combined several frame information sources, including Frames Data, into a single database which holds, literally, hundreds-of-thousands of individual frames. If the ophthalmic frame hit the market, then it’s probably in the database.

Looking for the latest Altair frame? It’s in there. Looking for three-year-old Marchon frames? They’re in there too.

Also, instead of identifying “POF” (for patient-owned frame), input as much as you know about the frame. The ‘Google-like’ search syntax gets better with each new piece of information. Do you have the UPC? That’s almost guaranteed to match. Do you know the SKU? That gets you a small list to choose from. Can you read the temple info? That should help nail it down to a manageable few.

The next time you are entering a lab order, try some ‘what-ifs’ to see how it works. For example, just entering “Jay” reveals that five manufacturers have a model named “Jay” (woohoo!).  “Nike 4180” takes you directly to a nice listing of that Nike frame (with some great images). And, “788678968326” is a UPC which takes you to a frame from Joseph Abboud.

Nike 4180
Nike 4180

Our database is quite possibly the most comprehensive collection of frames on the planet. And we continue to work with the manufacturers and data-providers to ensure that the database is as fresh and accurate as possible.

So, I found my frame, did you find yours?

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