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Michael O. is Sr. Technical Writer for Eyefinity/OfficeMate
Michael O. is Sr. Technical Writer for Eyefinity/OfficeMate

What Is Twitter?
Twitter is a social networking website that has exploded in popularity over the last several months. It seems like everybody is talking about it, and you can’t watch the evening news or read a magazine without some mention of Twitter. Tweets poured out of Iran this summer, telling the rest of the world what is happening amidst riots and protests over questionable election results. Even Time magazine ran a cover story in its June 5th edition pronouncing “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live.” You can read the Time story here. Indeed, Twitter is connecting people and information in a fashion that was unimaginable just a few years ago.


Okay, so Twitter is a hot topic, but what is it? Twitter allows users to send “tweets” (or microblogs), messages no longer than 140 characters in length. Other Twitter users can follow you and read your tweets. Tweets sent by people a user follows are aggregated and displayed on a single page in reverse chronological order. So, at a glance, a user can quickly scan tweets of varying topics posted by many people. Users can follow or be followed by thousands of people (or, in the case of actor Ashton Kutcher, over two million followers).

I’m too Old/Don’t have Time/[Insert Your Excuse Here] for Twitter
People of all age groups are leveraging Twitter in various, and often, innovative ways. From the casual reader who follows various news agencies for the latest current events, to the Twitterholic who tweets about anything and everything, the level of participation is determined by the user. Unlike other social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook, Twitter does not require a lot of time to set up or maintain. In fact, depending on how you use Twitter, you can save time by streamlining your communications.

Twitter’s 140 character limit seems pretty restrictive at first, but actually has a couple of advantages. The character limit is compatible with cell phone texting (SMS) services, allowing users to tweet easily on the go. The character limit also forces users to be direct and concise.

Why Is Eyefinity/OfficeMate Using Twitter?
Speaking of being direct and concise, let me get to the point:  why are we using Twitter? Twitter provides us with another avenue for reaching out to our clients, enabling our clients to reach out to us, and participating in the ongoing discourse about the eyecare industry and technology.

Eyefinity/OfficeMate’s tweets are not simply a broadcast of product announcements, but are an engaging discussion about the concerns of eyecare practices across the country. We hope to see you join in the conversation on Twitter, too!

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